Disaster Alert Services

Disaster Alert Services for Winter Weather

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Disaster Alert Services for Unpredictable Winter Weather

When your company or event can be affected by unpredictable winter weather, you need good disaster alert services in place to warn and update your employees and customers.

Disaster Alert Services

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For weather alerts and cancellations, the right communication infrastructure is important for fast response. The lives of customers and employees depend on the capabilities of the operators and technology in place. This is true for many businesses, courts, military and municipal services, educational campuses, events, health care settings, oil companies, snow removal companies, and also for any organization with multiple locations.

Rather than spend months on training and set up in order to launch a new mass alert system, why not hire a service that can get started posting weather alerts by phone and email immediately? This year winter weather is slow to hit the eastern seaboard, and companies have had more than enough time to plan their alert strategies. However, if your company has not invested in an emergency alert system, now is the time to prioritize your needs and shop for the most effective and economical solution.

Anserve offers the following disaster alert services:

  • Dedicated, secure 800 numbers
  • Live operators
  • Voice mail boxes
  • Announcements

In many cases, municipalities and emergency service providers can apply for grants that cover much of the cost of an emergency notification system for residents. For municipalities, the public needs to know that mass notification systems are in place to get alerts for critical safety hazards, road conditions and closures, missing persons, building or neighborhood evacuations, and weather information. This type of system can also be put in place to notify law enforcement about any issues within the area. Not only do these systems help disperse information out to the public right away, but the public can also call or email the service to give input and assistance during an emergency.

When an emergency or mass alert occurs, recipients will receive a message via the communication method they have selected. Recipients can also confirm that they have received the message and request notification updates.


For specific information about Anserve’s disaster alert services, Call Bob Ward at 1-800-980-9770.