How medical answering services reduce healthcare facility expenses and increase productivity

If you’re in charge of phone communications in a hospital and find that your staffing fees are out of control, or if you manage a medical practice or clinic and all day long hear phones ringing because you don’t have the personnel to answer them, consider the benefits of professional medical answering services.

As the largest call center in New Jersey, Anserve provides seamless medical answering services for facilities of all types. Our phone agents use customized scripting to answer every call in an exact way our client’s request. They’re professional, prompt, helpful and polite.

Whether you’re a CFO, an IT or communications manager, a practice administrator or an office supervisor, you can count on us to handle your phone calls 24 hours a day every, day of the year. Our medical answering services professionals are trained to solve some issues over the phone and to send immediate messages to the right individuals and departments when there’s an urgent circumstance.

At present time, we provide services to 22 hospitals throughout the United States as well as 200 of their divisions. Our medical practice clients number more than 900, and more than 2,000 physicians count on us so they’ll never miss a call. We also contract with eight U.S. medical schools.

If you’re debating whether medical answering services would benefit your facility, we’d be happy to supply you with reference you can contact and learn specifically how we’ve helped them to save time, lower their operating costs and be more productive.

The nature of the business of hospitals, clinics, and private medical practices dictates the need for seamless phone communications with patients, colleagues, laboratories and others. Patients, for example, have emergencies and absolutely do not need to call their doctor and get a recorded message or be put on hold. They need a caring voice on the other end who can handle their needs.

If it’s time for your medical facility to step up the quality of its phone communications, Anserve is here to help. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our answering services and show you how to reduce your operating expenses, increase productivity and enhance caller satisfaction.