How to Find Efficient, Affordable Doctor Answering Services

It’s possible to find medical answering services to manage your calls at affordable rates! There’s no need to outsource overseas. Local doctor answering services work for a variety of businesses in the healthcare industry, including private medical offices (physicians, chiropractors and more), hospitals, home healthcare providers and medical equipment companies. Compare several doctor answering services to find the best fit for you.

When hiring medical answering services, find a call center that can respond to your patients’ urgent needs 24/7, support your office staff and provide flexible service options. Medical answering services should provide the following options or add-ons:

  • Your own toll free 800 number
  • A voice logger that records every conversation
  • Message storage and retrieval
  • First ring pick-up
  • Automated call screening
  • Local and nationwide paging
  • Real-time, online appointment scheduling
  • Multiple voicemail boxes
  • Text messaging to cell phones, smartphones and pagers

Doctor answering service agents should be trained to offer professional, caring support for your callers. When comparing medical answering services, ask them how they train their staff—training should not be a one-time event! Call centers function as more than just an answering machine, and a business in the healthcare industry, your receptionists must be extra sensitive to patient needs. Receptionists should maintain a calm, caring tone, and provide callers with accurate information in an efficient manner. The medical answering services team must collect accurate patient or caller information, qualify urgent calls, take messages, schedule and confirm appointments. Medical answering services should provide bilingual support for Spanish-speaking callers.

When comparing different medical answering services, find a balance between costs and services. Don’t settle for the least expensive service! It may be tempting to outsource, but locally-run medical answering services can provide more personal service, and ensure your callers reach a team of native English speakers. Compare benefits, ask for references, and visit the company if you can. Taking a tour of the doctor answering services facility will give you a good idea how they run their operation. By choosing the right doctors answering services team, you’ll cut down on costs and maximize your communication efficiency.