The busy holiday season

Phone Answering Services

The holiday season is here and the snow days are just around the corner.  Many people outside the answering service industry do not realize that answering services work flow is often in reverse order of the normal office.  Most offices are at their busiest during normal office hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Answering services on the other hand, are at their busiest during the period when their customers are closing or about to close.  For example, an answering service will often recieve a ton of calls for its medical accounts right before the office opens (patients calling to see if the office is open) or right after the office closes (patients calling in to see if the office is closed).  Therefore during the holidays (when a lot of other medical offices and business are closed) answering services usually see their call volume go up significantly.  Therefore, answering services tend to ramp up their staffing and management during these busy times.  Happy Holidays!