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Winter Doesn’t Mean Lower Productivity with Call Answering

Disaster preparedness

It is the first big snowstorm of the year.  As head of operations in your company, you have two main concerns. First, how much labor hours are lost by employees not being able to get to your office or facility.  The other big concern is the number of calls from vendors and clients will go unanswered because no one it there to man your phones. You know first hand that productivity suffers the more interruptions you have such as snow days. Both these issues easily translate to thousands of dollars lost in labor and revenue, even for one 1/2 day shut down.  All this coupled with the increased amount of employees taking sick days causes significant stress on companies.

Ensuring business continuity during a snowstorm requires that you maintain business continuity for your business needs enabling tools such as an answering service. Even if you can have a skeleton crew working remotely, call answering services are still relevant.  Callers can call one company number and get in touch with everyone on your team — no matter where everyone works. Each caller can quickly select the department or individual they want to reach. The caller is not aware that your employees are working from home that day. Calls are routed where they need to go automatically, so everyone picks up the right calls for which they are responsible.

Call answering services are ideal for companies looking to gain an edge, ensure business continuity, and inform callers of current business conditions during storms.  Enabling your call answering service to take the lead on incoming calls during a storm maintains a professional image for all you callers to experience.  If you have a professional practice, you do not want a half-baked service answering your phones with “Wuts Up?” In a recent poll, 48 percent of customers polled found customer service representatives answering calls at businesses to be unhelpful.  If you want full control of how your incoming calls are answered, a call answering service tailored to your business, like the one that Anserve offers, with a virtual receptionist is a great solution. You can record the outgoing message, ensuring it reflects the level of professionalism you demand.

In addition to making sure the company is still ‘open for business’ during a snowstorm, using a call answering service is beneficial on a daily basis.  For example, hiring an answering service instead of a live receptionist, there is significantly less management work required. You need to train the live personnel answering the phone, monitor their work to ensure they are being professional and adjust their training as necessary. You will need to offer performance reviews and deal with any concerns or questions they have. If a service receptionist turns out not to be a good fit, you may need to arrange to hand them a pink slip.  With an answering service, you can avoid all these added managerial tasks. Once the answering service is set up to your liking, it runs itself and will only need updating once in a while as you see fit.  Relying on a call answering service like Anserve for many companies becomes second nature because the answering service becomes an integral extension of operations within the business.