How To Decrease Your Communications Costs with Medical Answering Services

Doctor’s offices and hospitals often experience large amounts of patient phone calls, which can be difficult to answer efficiently, especially during busy periods. Staffing and communications costs can quickly add up! Your doctor’s office or hospital can benefit from the help of medical answering services—these services manage the large volume of phone calls health service…
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The busy holiday season

The holiday season is here and the snow days are just around the corner.  Many people outside the answering service industry do not realize that answering services work flow is often in reverse order of the normal office.  Most offices are at their busiest during normal office hours Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Answering services on the other…
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Thank you from Anserve!

Anserve would like to thank everyone that participated and supported the Break the Cycle-End World Hunger charity cycling event in early May.  The weather was perfect and the ridership was up signifcantly over last year. The event keeps growing each year and we are proud to have been a part of it for the past…
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Ultra Call Forwarding Can Be a Time and Headache Saver

Most answering service customers forward their phone lines during certain times to a designated line provided by the answering service.  In many cases this is a manual process where the customer dials *72 or #72 (depending on the carrier) and then the call forwarding number in order to send the calls to the answering service. …
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Disaster Preparedness and the benefits of using an Answering Service

Emergency preparedness is a vital part of many business and government continuity plans.  Answering services can play a vital role in keeping communications open during a natural disaster.  For example, a government agency in Florida can use an answering service located in the midwest to handle their calls if a hurricane hits.  The government agency may…
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Benefits of SMS Texting with Reply to Feature

In the medical and emergency support field, many doctors and technicians are receiving their information on their cell phones instead of using alpha pagers, digital pagers, or land lines.  Many doctor and technicians are using text messaging to receive their emergency calls.  Receiving the information via text allows the doctor or technician to properly triage the…
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Small Businesses and Automatic Call Forwarding

In today’s tough economic times many offices are working short staffed.  Without the appropriate number of staff to handle incoming calls, very often calls go unanswered.  Unanswered calls can mean lost appointments, lost sales, or frustrated existing customers.  Many callers will hang up after 4-5 rings.  If the call is from a possible new customer they may move…
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Nyack 10k run and 5k walk

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Anserve participated in this great event on Saturday, November 21st-the weather was great (in the mid 50’s) and the course was beautiful.  The course wandered through downtown Nyack and out to Upper Nyack near Nyack Beach State Park.  There were over 300 partipants combined in the 5k walk and 10k run and many sponsors including Anserve. …
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