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Don’t miss out on new opportunities just because you’re “on the job.”

Electricians, General Contractors, Plumbers, Carpet Cleaners, HVAC, Appliance Repair, Floor Installers, Carpenters, Pest Control, Roofers, Remodelers, Pool Installers, Masons, Tree Services, Well Drillers, Power Washers, Landscapers, Septic Service

All the “clicks” that you hear on your answering device or voice mail mean one thing.  Prospects are hanging up instead of leaving a message.  This happens at least 40% of the time when people phone a business and reach some kind of message system.  Customers wish to talk to a person that can help with their needs, not leave a message on some computer or device.

If you wish to take the next step towards increasing your sales and improving the service your clients receive when they phone your organization, consider Anserve. Our courteous, professional, live operators will capture every call and deliver the messages to you when and how you want them including your smart phone, pager, fax, e-mail, or other hand-held computers.

Our plans start at a low monthly rate that includes a free 30 minutes of phone time.

We offer a variety of services such as:

  • Scheduling of the on-call personnel
  • Check-in and check-out handled through automation
  • Exceptional clear connections for crisp quality of calls
  • Pick-up on the first ring of a call with your customized greeting
  • Services can be offered 24 hours of every day and every day of the week
  • All messages can be transmitted via email or fax
  • If you are outside of NJ you may forward all calls, for free, to our toll free number
  • Bilingual operators available.

Take advantage of our services to keep your clients happy and improve service!

Call Our Sales department at 1-800-980-9770


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Visiting Nurse of Central Jersey

We have been with Anserve since 2003. Our calls are of a sensitive nature. Time is of the essence. Anserve has brought us from the basic paging system to the latest technology of SMS messaging which allows us to respond quickly. Everyone is pleasant and courteous. The managers are very attentive to our needs and quick to respond to any concerns.

Ann M Healy (MSN RN Manager of Extended Hours)

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