Medical and Physician Answering Services

Private Practices, Clinics, and Hospitals

Anserve handles more hospitals than any other answering service in the country.

Anserve America can provide customized cost-effective medical answering services physician answering services that will reduce your after-hours, weekend, and holiday answering costs. Our services are available for entire hospitals, in-hospital clinics, after-hour clinics and hospital-owned practices in hospitals, as well as private medical practices.

Anserve America currently handles, over 900 practices with more than 2000 doctors, over 20 hospitals throughout the country (including 200 divisions/units), and 8 medical schools.

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Medical Answering Services Include:

  • Automated first-ring pick-up
  • Calls answered in your name
  • Availability of service: 24/7
  • Call in for messages Toll Free Anytime or have them faxed or e-mailed at no charge.
  • Daily faxing or e-mailing of messages
  • Spanish-speaking operators
  • Secure messaging to all smartphones (separate fee to third party provider).
  • Free call-forwarding to Anserve’s 800# for customers outside of NJ
  • Automated on-call scheduling
  • Automated check-in and check-out
  • Caller ID on every message
  • Customized scripting on every account

Anserve’s Physician Answering Service

Our fully digital physician answering service provides “on call” service for medical practices to ensure emergency calls are forwarded to a doctor. Scripts are developed with each client to ensure our operators use the correct information and style, creating a seamless experience.

Our doctor answering service offers a state-of-the-art voice recording system which records every call and stores it in our digital archives for two and a half year – an important feature for medical practices who may need those transcripts for insurance information or reviews.

We’ll also take care of appointment scheduling, pharmacy questions, directions to your office, and other clerical calls so that you can take care of your patients.

To learn more about our low rates and options, please call Bob Ward at 1-800-980-9770.

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Visiting Nurse of Central Jersey

We have been with Anserve since 2003. Our calls are of a sensitive nature. Time is of the essence. Anserve has brought us from the basic paging system to the latest technology of SMS messaging which allows us to respond quickly. Everyone is pleasant and courteous. The managers are very attentive to our needs and quick to respond to any concerns.

Ann M Healy (MSN RN Manager of Extended Hours)

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