Anserve Quality Assurance Program

Anserve Quality

How do we maintain our high
levels of customer service?

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Anserve’s Quality Assurance ProgramAnserve has a continuous year-round operator testing program provided by our national industry association, Association of TeleServices International (ATSI). The test evaluates the operator on each of 22 call components including manners, grammar, voice quality, positive attitude, and following customer protocol. The testing is done by Anserve’s permanent six-person Quality Assurance Team. A team member listens to five randomly-selected call recordings per operator for each test. Every operator is tested 26 times per year. A grade of 90 is required for passing. High scorers are rewarded with bonuses and prizes, and low scorers are required to have immediate remedial training and re-testing. Managers are tested the same as the operators. New employees begin being tested as soon as they leave Anserve’s intensive training program.

Anserve’s Quality Assurance Program is designed to assure that operators meet the exacting call-handling standards of ATSI and provide the highest quality of service to Anserve customers.

ASTI Anserve 20172015 CAM-X Award of Excellence