Anserve’s Answering Service for Small Business

Small businesses must be responsive and prepared to meet the needs of customers in today’s 24×7 competitive environment. We all live in a world where information is a click away….and the investment in that click is what dictates whether or not your organization will be found in the marketplace. This, in turn, raises expectations for organizations catering to these masses. No longer is it acceptable to rely on voicemail. People don’t do it in their personal lives, they don’t want to rely on it when in need of professional services.

If you’ve made the investment and been lucky enough to be found in a digital marketplace, it’s now imperative for all calls to be answered in a prompt and well-informed way. How will you handle your one opportunity to make a great first impression?

A Live Answering Service for Small Business Is Better Than a Machine

The very first contact a potential client has with your company should create a good impression. Every phone caller should receive courteous, professional service. Many small businesses use an automated voice mail service and this can actually negatively impact your company’s first impression. According to Forbes  80 percent of people do not leave a message on an automated answering device. This is often a missed opportunity for a small business. A live answering service agent will not only answer your calls professionally, they will use discretion and tact to make a courteous first impression for your company. Anserves’s answering service for small businesses is efficient, professional and affordable, and may be the answer your business is looking for.

If your business has a small budget to handle administration, you may be interested to note that our small business answering services start at just $30.00 per month with solutions customized for your needs.

Anserve provides excellent LIVE assistance in support of your team, any time of day or night. Missed calls result in missed opportunities. Addressing customer requests in a timely fashion directly influences customer retention, lead captures, and business growth.

Stay Connected with Your Customers 24×7

As your small business grows, it’s not always possible to allocate funds and resources for additional staff. Rather than hiring additional people, an answering service is a cost-effective way to manage a small business. It keeps you connected with your customers round the clock without incurring cost in the hiring process. Using the latest communications technology, Anserve’s trained and knowledgeable agents greet your callers with the customized approach you have approved.

Small Businesses Use a Call Center/Answering Service to:

  • Screen incoming calls
  • Elevate priorities
  • Manage communication between departments
  • Coordinate appointments and cancellations

By using an answering service, your customers have a perception of a larger, well-organized business. You’ve now removed the first layer of doubt regarding whether or not you can manage their needs. Anserve understands your market and maintains consistency with your brand, customer communications are handled in an intelligent and efficient manner.

Anserve has customized answering services that will benefit any type of small business. We customize our answering services for your industry and your company. Many small business answering services provider say they are committed to superior customer service, but we can prove it with our testimonials from real small business owners.

As you listen and read our testimonials you will notice how our 24/7 answering services agents treat their customers businesses like their own and become an extension of the business. Our agents become your reception, first line of customer service, schedulers and logistics solutions and they do it 24/7 with ease and professionalism.

Anserve’s Capabilities

We own and maintain a 12,000 square foot building with a staff of over 100 employees, which means [no matter what your call volume] we can handle it. We train our agents and incentivize them to always keep your brand in mind while on the phone with your clients. Do you measure how many times your employees use “please” or “thank you” while on the phone?? We do. Our prime goal is to make a long-term partnership with your company, allowing you to grow with the confidence that we are here to provide you with superior small business answering services you can count on.

Why Choose Anserve’s Answering Service For Small Businesses?

Customers expect personalized experiences when connecting with brands. Talking with customers over the phone establishes a positive image of your company and provides a personal level of interaction. The lights in Anserve’s operation never go off. Their 24×7 answering services businesses throughout the country; extending your availability into holidays and weekends, regardless of whether or power-related issues. Anserve offers many different options in electronic communication of your important messaging. From simple to complex needs, our highly trained personnel are ready to assist you, and your clients, regardless of your business sector.

We’ve been in the business since 1969 with a proven track record of superior customer care. We’ve helped small businesses decrease expenses and improve revenue. Compare our answering services to other call centers, compare our reputation and talk to our customers. We know you’ll be satisfied.

  • We Use Your Procedures: Our live answering service agents will integrate with your brand to schedule, modify, or cancel appointments, place orders, track shipments, process payments, respond to billing inquiries, and anything else you can think of. We will answer every call as though we were in your office, using your procedures.
  • Save you Money: There is nothing hidden in our pricing. Our answering service is significantly lower than a receptionist working out of your office.
  • Outsource as Much or Little of Your Business as You Need: We can outsource your administrative assistants, customer support and more.
  • Dedicated Agents: Anserve is dedicated to helping your company grow. We deliver professional, courteous answering services within your small business’ budget.

For over 50 years, Anserve has been offering customized answering services to small and large businesses. We guarantee caller satisfaction by providing highly trained support and quality experience. Call our offices at (800) 980-9770 or contact us.

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