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Healthcare Answering Service For Physicians

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HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Service #1 Medical Answering Service
HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Service #1 Medical Answering Service

In today’s fast-paced health environment, patients expect rapid responses when communicating with their physicians. Making sure every patient phone call and message is received and responded to quickly is important for a great first impression and patient retention. Did you know that the majority of callers won’t leave a message, even when prompted by an automated answering machine? In order to ensure patients receive excellent customer service, engaging the customized services of a 24×7 live physician answering service is your best option.

Calls Answered Per Day
1 Hour+
Of Phone Call Overhead Per Pay Per Provider
of People Do Not Leave Voicemails

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What Does Anserve’s Physician Answering Service Offer?

  • Professionalism: Anserve has been in this business for more than 55 years and all our call answering agents are fully trained and professional. You can count on us for 24/7 service where we provide respectful and intelligent healthcare answering services.
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology: Anserve uses the latest technology to keep up with the fast-paced environment of today’s businesses. Our goal is to provide fast, accurate, and seamless communication for your customers.
  • Competitive Costs: Anserve offers the most competitive rates for not just physician answering service but for all our other answering services.
Physician Answering Service


HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Service #1 Medical Answering Service

Why Choose a Healthcare Answering Service for Physicians?

According to the US Bureau of Labor, approximately 75% of callers won’t leave a message on a business answering machine, even when prompted. Patients are often discussing sensitive topics and the thought of leaving a message without knowing who will hear it can be extremely off-putting. This means calls coming in during off-hours or after the practice has closed are going to be missed. A physician answering service means having a professional live agent available 24 hours a day , 7 days a week, to answer patient calls. This way, patients have the opportunity to interact with a live agent rather than an answering machine. Most office phones can be configured to roll to your call center when your staff is overwhelmed or when your office is short-staffed.

Anserve Gives You Control Over Your Healthcare Answering Service

The idea of a healthcare answering service sounds great, but how can you ensure the needs of your patients are being met? With Anserve, you have total control over what information your patients receive. Anserve allows you to create a customized phone answering script, which our live agents will use when interacting with your patients, so you can rest assured your Brand is well represented. Anserve provides direct access to a manager on every shift in case you need to speak with a representative. With Anserve Enhanced Voicemail Options, clients are able to update greetings to account for inclement weather or other emergencies.

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Anserve Will Protect You And Your Patients.

As a physician, you know how important it is to safeguard your patients’ sensitive medical information. You and your staff are well-versed in the procedures and protocol surrounding Protected Health Information. At Anserve, we preserve that trust by mandating our employees to complete regular training sessions; staying refreshed and updated on the latest cybersecurity and HIPAA regulations. As an answering service for physicians, Anserve’s agents are specially trained to take calls, carefully following the script you created and guarantee patient phone calls are handled with discretion and professionalism.

Anserve Has Your Needs in Mind

You’ve worked hard to build your practice, so it’s important to work with a physician answering service that understands your practice and is trained to manage all types of patient communications. Anserve exceeds the expectations of thousands of doctors around the country, every day. Our company has the knowledge, experience, staff, and technology required in a physicians answering service. We understand we are an extension of your practice and have been since 1969. Our 24×7 physician answering service for physicians handle calls, voicemail, secure messaging, appointment scheduling, call scheduling, call forwarding, emailing, and more. Anserve’s professional staff is fully trained in HIPAA compliance and Cyber Security. Customizing options around your practice, Anserve offers each provider choices on how and when they want to receive their messages. Recognizing that physicians deal with sensitive data, we offer encrypted messaging and carry a Cyber-Breach Insurance policy.

Physician Answering Service

Choose Anserve for Your HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Answering Services

Patient messages are often time-sensitive and critical in nature, requiring immediate attention. Many patients don’t feel comfortable leaving a message on a machine, and would rather talk with a live agent instead. Anserve’s agents are highly trained to adhere to your customized needs. They are HIPAA-compliant and empathetic to each situation your callers experience.

Hiring additional staff during non-business hours isn’t always feasible. A healthcare answering service has the resources and technology necessary to answer calls and deliver your messages, ensuring you’ll never miss a patient call again. As a 24/7 live-agent physician answering service, Anserve is ready to field phone calls and messages when your practice is closed or unable to do so.

Never worry about missing an important patient message again! Anserve has been serving clients for over 55 years, continually updating and refining our physician answering services to fit our client’s needs. Anserve is always up and running, never incurring a power interruption, due to our investment in backup generators and a colocation. All health data is physically secure and protected. Our 24×7 physician answering service is fairly priced while offering flexible support to your practice. Please call us now at 800-980-9770 or contact us to learn more about Anserve’s healthcare answering services.

A physician’s office is a busy place. Anserve can help your practice increase production from your current staff. When Anserve helps manage your call volume, it frees up time for your in-house staff to handle other matters. Have more than one practice? Not a problem! Anserve has the ability to seamlessly onboard multiple practices to standardize your processes and streamline billing.

Physician Answering Service