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Veterinary Answering Services
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Pet owners always want the best for their pets and to make sure that their furry friends are happy and healthy. This includes picking a veterinary answering service that they trust will be available during difficult moments and at various times of the day or night. Pet owners are loyal to their vets when they know that their vet will always be there for their pets. As a veterinarian, you can achieve that level of trust by making sure every call that comes into your office is answered by Anserve’s helpful and friendly veterinary answering service.

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Anserve’s Veterinary Answering Services Include

Anserve’s veterinary answering services offer the following key features that will help promote the efficiency of your veterinary operations while also ensuring top-quality customer services. Here are some of the features we offer:

  • 24/7 Answering: Whether you’re an emergency vet dealing with appointments around the clock or want to make sure your customers’ calls are answered, even after hours, Anserve can make sure each and every call is answered.
  • Multilingual Answering Services: Anserve offers answering services in a variety of languages, widening your client base and ensuring all information between both the vets and the clients is clearly communicated.
  • Managing Schedules: Veterinarians are busy people, and managing your calendar is a time-consuming process. Anserve is able to schedule appointments in a manner that is both practical and efficient.
  • Live Answering Service: When pet owners are looking for a vet, they’re also looking for a personal connection with the facility looking after their pets. For this reason, maintaining a human-to-human connection is essential to building a relationship with your clients and gaining their trust. Voicemail does not cut it in this situation!
Veterinary Answering Services


Veterinary Answering Services

What are the Benefits of Veterinary Answering Services from Anserve?

The major benefit of a veterinary answering service is increased customer satisfaction. Speaking with a live person rather than a machine builds a bond between veterinarians and their clients. It demonstrates that you care deeply about the health of your clients’ pets and that you prioritize each and every client. Over time, this allows you to build a strong relationship with your clients and maintain it for years to come.

Additionally, Anserve’s veterinary answering service is affordable and remotely operated. This means you can reduce payroll and reserve more space in your facility for treating animals. Your payroll can focus more on ensuring the individuals on site are primarily there for clinical treatments and less administrative duties like retrieving phone calls, getting sidetracked with scheduling, or dealing with tasks that can be dedicated to our well-trained staff.

Customized Veterinary Answering Services Based on Your Needs

Every veterinary facility is different, not only in the services they offer, but also in the atmosphere and environment they want to convey. Whether you’re a primary care veterinary clinic or an emergency animal hospital, we have tools and experience to best suit your needs. Anserve works with every client individually to build an appropriate script and foundation of knowledge so that our veterinary answering services team has the ability to competently and effectively answer every call from your customers.

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How Anserve’s Veterinary Emergency Answering Service Works

Anserve offers veterinary emergency answering services for both primary care veterinary facilities and animal hospitals. As an answering service for a primary care vet, we can assist with scheduling appointments, recording symptoms, and pet information, reminding clients of upcoming appointments, and delivering messages to the appropriate doctor. In other words, our answering service can handle many of the receptionist-related tasks that occur in a primary care veterinary facility. We can serve as a back-stop to your office personnel or be your primary resource after-hours.

Anserve’s veterinary emergency answering service can also help animal hospitals. Our highly trained staff is able to calmly and effectively speak to pet owners who may be in stressful or panicked situations. We can work with those customers to make sure that they take the next right steps to get their pet the help that they need. We can also alert the veterinary technicians of the emergency on its way to the facility so that they are ready to treat the animal when it arrives.

In both cases, we make sure every call is answered, even if the facility is closed. Your customers will feel relieved to be working with a veterinary service that is responsive and truly puts the care of their pets first.

Veterinary Answering Services

Why use Anserve’s Veterinary Emergency Answering Service?

Anserve has over 50 years of fielding phone calls from a wide variety of businesses including small businesses and many types of healthcare providers. Our veterinary emergency answering service is compassionate, patient, and understanding. We want to help our clients build and maintain relationships with their customers. We understand the importance of positive interactions with our clients to ensure that they return in the future and continue doing business with your company, especially when it’s your job to take care of individuals’ pets. We will apply our decades of experience to your business needs as a veterinarian and strive to perpetuate excellent relationships with your customers.

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We believe that Anserve can help your business thrive by providing improved customer service, growing trust with your clients and helping your business run more efficiently. We strive to not only save your clinic time and money, but also help your veterinary hospital be the best that it can be. To learn more about our veterinary answering services and how they can help your veterinary clinic, contact us today.

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