Plumbing Answering Service

As the owner of a plumbing business, you are aware of the value of a missed call.

Fixing leaks and repairing pipes are only a fraction of your business as a plumber. Often, phone calls are the first contact a customer will have with your business, so they must be treated professionally. Trying to take care of on-site business while answering calls from customers can quickly become overwhelming. So how can you make sure your business calls are being answered?

Anserve has been providing plumbing answering service solutions since 1969. We understand how important it is to build relationships and demonstrate dependability, but it isn’t always easy to be available when customers need assistance. 

Anserve can help to bridge the gap between service and availability by ensuring customer calls are a priority. Available any time, day or night, our agents are waiting to assist your customers with friendly and professional service.

Anserve has plans for every possible business scenario. Our highly-trained agents handle incoming calls in both Spanish and English, so your customers will be well taken care of. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are prepared with a script that is customized for your specific business needs.

Plumbing Answering Service
Plumbing Answering Service

Customer Service is the most important part of your business!

  • Professional, compassionate customer service reps provide a great first impression to your clients
  • Missed or abandoned calls result in loss of money and business
  • According to the US Bureau of Labor, only 25% of customers will leave a message; leaving another 75% to hang up. Some of those opportunities will never be seen again

Anserve’s plumbing answering service is a smart business move:

  • Higher rate of calls leads to more selling opportunity
  • Strict protocols and customized answering messages provide excellent customer service
  • Agents are standing by 24/7 so calls are not left to voicemail and customers are not waiting on hold
  • An affordable plan customized for your business for high-quality plumbing answering service
  • Get access to call recordings any time you want
  • Better and more cost-effective than hiring a receptionist
  • No additional or hidden charges
  • Spanish and bilingual agents for your non-English speaking customers

How can you improve your customer service while still saving on employment costs?

Bill owns his a plumbing service which he started himself and now he is doing well enough to be able to employ another full-time plumber to assist with customer requests and help out in the field. However, the increase in business has not been completely positive. Word of mouth and digital advertising has increased the number of people calling to discuss his services. Bill now has to worry about answering the phone whenever it rings, or risk losing business to his competitors. He knows the sense of urgency from each caller and their reluctance to leave a voicemail and, if he isn’t available to answer, the result of lost business and money. However, when he’s working or speaking with one of his clients, he prefers to avoid interruptions at all costs. Not only does this take him away from the job at hand, but interrupting a client to answer the phone is unprofessional.

Bill considered hiring another staff member to sit in the office and answer the phone when it rings. However, hiring an office employee adds to salary expenses and still wouldn’t ensure every single call is answered during lunch, after-hours, or when office staff call out or take a vacation. The additional costs didn’t make sense for Bill’s needs, and it would be difficult to scrape up the money to pay another employee, even when factoring in the increase in business.

Confronted with the decision to hire another employee or continue trying to run his business and keep up with all the phone calls, Bill decided to contact Anserve. He realized he wouldn’t have to manage the hiring process or pay the costs of training more staff. Bill would have the benefit of a 24×7 answering service. With the help of Anserve, Bill can focus 100% of his attention on his clients’ needs, without worrying about missing calls and losing business. His clients can call at any time of the day or night and speak to a live agent. Voicemail became a thing of the past and Bill no longer appears unprofessional; choosing between the client standing in front of him and the ringing phone.


Lost Calls Mean Lost Business

As a business owner, your main focus is being on-site to make repairs and deal with floods, leaks and other issues. However, customers trying to reach out for quotes, follow-ups or questions are left hanging. For every five calls, one will culminate in a transaction. That’s a 20% return rate! Missing those five calls every week means losing out on business. If each transaction costs an average of $400, that could mean $20,000 missed each year in business!

Long wait times and calls going straight to voicemail lead to customer frustration and loss of potential business. Referral customers waiting on hold won’t have a great first impression of your business. Contact our plumbing answering service today and grow your business effectively without missing calls.

What will you do in a Power Outage?

One consideration you should make is what you will do in the event a loss of power occurs in your area. Are you going to invest in a backup power supply or a generator to power your business so you can stay open? At Anserve, we’ve already prepared for emergencies. Our buildings have generators running on natural gas to maintain power to the facilities. We can operate normally, without interruption.

Plumbing Answering Service
24/7 Business Answering Service with Live Assistance

Customer Service Is the Key to Your Business

Customer service is the key to attracting and maintaining business. Think about your satisfied customers referring their friends and family members to your business, and what that could mean in terms of positive growth. Of course, you will always provide top-notch service out in the field, but what happens back at the office when there is no one available to pick up the phone? You will miss out on referrals and new business. Your regular customers will turn to someone else for help if they aren’t able to reach someone on the phone, especially in the case of an emergency.

Having someone standing by to answer phones and pick up on the first ring is extremely important for small businesses and their customers. Showing your customers you care by offering them excellent customer service around the clock will ensure they are satisfied and can lead to more referrals and more business down the line. Anserve’s reputation speaks for itself, and thousands of our happy customers can attest to the fact that our service is impeccable!

“As owner of JJ’s Towing Service Inc., I stand behind the value of having our calls answered by a LIVE Anserve Agent. My business would not have survived relying on voicemail and employee cell phones. Our industry is competitive and I realize our customers have choices. Using live and experienced agents makes for better customer service. JJ’s has been in business for 42 years and has been working with the professionals at Anserve for over 30 years. I strongly recommend their services if you’re looking to never miss a call.”

-JJ Tashjian

Your business can’t afford miss calls. CONTACT US today!

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