Answering Service Excellence

Our Award Winning Answering Service Features:
  • Customized Scripting
  • Secure Messaging
  • Online Account Access
  • 24×7 Support
  • Multilingual Operators
  • Competitive Rates
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Power & Technology = 99.99% Uptime
  • All Employees Based in the US
  • Family Owned

Phone Answering Service Can Grow Your Business Efficiently

The Value of A Missed Call

You and your colleagues have worked hard to build the business. Updating your website, training staff, market outreach, lead generation, compliance regulations. It’s a whirlwind of costly responsibilities. You genuinely WANT to be available for everyone but company cell phones are not the catch-all & paying employees to be available in off-hours is pricey and inconsistent. You’re still missing calls, not capturing data and the client experience is doomed with long hold times. Anserve is the chosen telephone answering service solution for startup businesses and national brands. Our phone answering service has won industry awards in excellence and quality for many years in a row. Working with our Live Agent service, we can help manage and prioritize your incoming communications: Phone Calls and Emails. Never miss a call again!

Calls Answered Per Day
Hospital Networks in NJ Alone
of People Do Not Leave Voicemails

Select a Plan That Fits Your Business Needs

Our relationship with Anserve is one of consistent reliability. When I leave my office each evening, I know my after-hours emergency phone calls are handled in a professional and courteous manner, exactly the same way our customers are accustomed to during our normal working hours!

— J.D. Stem

We have been with Anserve since 2003. Our calls are of a sensitive nature. Time is of the essence. Anserve has brought us from the basic paging system to the latest technology of SMS messaging which allows us to respond quickly. Everyone is pleasant and courteous. The managers are very attentive to our needs and quick to respond to any concerns.

— Ann M Healy (MSN RN Manager of Extended Hours)

It is my pleasure to write this on behalf of Robert Ward. We have been customers of Anserve, Inc. for five years. Throughout this time, we have had the pleasure of always receiving the best of service. This service covers our messages, pagers, and our monthly billing. They are always on the cutting edge of communication technology.

— Ginny Doyle (Practice Manager)

Industries Served

Local Power & Data Protection

Our 12,000 square foot building is powered by local utilities and our very own solar panel system spanning 6,000 sq ft. When choosing to support our facilities with environmentally friendly options, Anserve evaluated the growth of its business and the 24×7 need of its clientele. Should there be an interruption in local utilities, Anserve instantly switches to an alternate on-site, limitless, source of natural gas. A seamless transition allows business continuity and client satisfaction.

Data breach scenarios continue to plague the business landscape. Back in 2006, an average breach was estimated to cost $3.54M to an organization. Today, that same breach would cost $7.35M.

Anserve continues to insulate its’ business and clientele from these threats as seen in (i) the capabilities to send encrypted messaging and (ii) a partnership with a colocation. – A temperature-controlled environment with aux power, supercharged bandwidth, and physical security to ensure proper operation of sensitive data.

How Anseve’s After Hours Answering Service Can Help

For someone running a small business, managing the business and keeping the clients happy is like a mountain that has to be climbed every day. The day begins before everyone else, putting in extra hours to plan for the day. In addition, there is the task of answering customers’ phone calls and meeting their needs. When the hard work starts paying off, the business grows as the number of customers grows. With growth comes responsibility and that means putting in additional hours. But that can lead to your lack of availability to some customers. You may miss calls or mismanage your schedule due to human error, which is understandable for someone working so many hours.

In a scenario like that, Anserve can give you a helping hand with a telephone answering service. Our professional agents can handle your calls and manage your appointments with ease. Anserve makes sure that the clients will never experience a missed call or a missed appointment. Our agents are there to remind you of your schedules through calls, email, or any way you prefer to be notified. We work 24/7 so that you can be more productive during your working hours, and sleep stress-free while our agents take care of after-hours phone calls.

Benefits of Anserve’s Telephone Answering Service

  • Teamwork: Our agents work as a team to provide the best after-hours answering service for your business. Because most customers terminate the call as soon as they hear a voicemail tone, having a live agent answer your call who is familiar with your business is a huge advantage.
  • Leading-Edge Technology: Situations like power outages are no match for Anserve when it comes to answering phone calls because they’ve got the right equipment to keep them online even during big storms.
  • Experience: All agents are well-trained professionals who assist clients and promote customer loyalty. Our phone answering service is emulated by many different types of businesses.
  • Proficiency: Our agents not only work to retain your existing clients, but to help you gain more clients by presenting your business in the best light to all callers.

Multilingual, Bilingual, As Well As Spanish Answering Service

Don’t take it for granted. Not every company has prepared for the diversity here in America.

Anserve’s reliable business answering services reach myriad of demographics and industries. In order to properly customize the experience and satisfy your base, make sure you’re….speaking the right language!

Each telephone answering service plan available at Anserve will automatically have access to English and Spanish speaking agents. With your approval, we can have our agents prepared to turn on translation services and be equipped to handle over 200 language options.