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Anserve’s Dental Answering Services for Dental Practices

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Dental Answering Services for dental practices
Dental Answering Services for busy dental practices

A dental practice is very different from any other office. From handling phone calls to juggling and scheduling appointments, there is always a lot of communication and coordination going on. Many dental offices don’t have a dedicated receptionist or don’t want to invest the money into a full-time staff member to be placed on standby, answering phones, and taking overflow calls during the times that the practice is short-staffed. Dental answering services provided by experienced professionals can be the solution to these common problems.

Calls Answered Per Day
Of Patients Have Follow-Up Questions
of People Do Not Leave Voicemails

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Choosing a top dental answering service for your office can help alleviate some of the stress and can provide an excellent experience for the patient without the added expense of bringing on additional employees. With Anserve’s dental practice answering services, dental practices can provide superb attention around the clock, including after-hours and during breaks as the service takes overflow calls.

Need a Call Answering Service for Your Dental Practice?

  • Having someone professional answering the phones helps to put patients at ease
  • Missing calls reflects poorly on your practice and can lead to lost business
  • When provided with voicemail service, approximately 75% of callers will not leave a message (US Bureau of Labor Survey)

For a dental health provider, excellent customer service is critical. To stand out from your competitors, Anserve allows you to customize your dental answering service greeting and scripts to ensure the most vital information is gathered and the highest level of patient-centered care is offered. You can also update your on-call message to fit a change in circumstances or tailor it to meet your needs.

A female dentist is checking a dental patient
A dentist is checking the teeth of a child

The Benefits of Anserve’s Dental Answering Services

  • Building Trust: Before we begin our call answering responsibilities, we build trust with our clients so they are comfortable doing business with us.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Our agents can take care of booking your new appointments and confirming your existing appointments so that you can run your business hassle-free.
  • 24/7 Live Answering: We have a state-of-the-art facility, complete with a back-up power supply, and our customer service agents are standing by 24/7 to answer calls.
  • App Integration: We can integrate your messages with industry-related apps, as desired. In addition, we have the latest technical solutions to integrate your electronic health records.
  • Efficiency: Anserve agents know how to be compassionate while working smart too. They are always up-to-date with the latest trends in your industry. This provides a big boost in efficiency for your business.
  • Encrypted Services: Sensitive information remains safe between trusted partners only. All data related to you and your patients are preserved with HIPAA and PHI-compliant services.


As Anserve’s Client You’ll Be Able to Quickly and Efficiently:

  • Receive messages
  • Receive forwarded dental emergency calls based on your instructions
  • Adjust on-call message as needed
  • Communicate with Anserve and the team that supports you
  • Anserve also offers Overflow Services, which can help to bridge the gap between shift changes, lunch breaks, or provide coverage during weather emergencies.

Our agents are always there to take your calls! Rest easy knowing that your patients are being cared for, even when you aren’t in the office.

A female professional is checking on her Dental office

Anserve’s Dental Answering Services: The Advantage

Anserve is a multi-year, international, industry award-winning company and, to repeat this status, our agents are monitored on a monthly basis and graded in over 22 different categories to ensure we are delivering excellent dental answering services. Anserve’s agents are specially trained in areas like cybersecurity and HIPAA to ensure your patient’s personal health information (PHI) is kept secure at all times.

Customize Your Service

Would you like to have more control over your answering service? Anserve offers each Provider in the practice the chance to customize HOW and WHEN they would like to receive their messages. We understand the sensitive nature of patient information and we provide our clients with the flexibility to determine how they would like to access their messages. We prioritize our actions according to your standards.

HIPAA Compliant Service

Do you prefer encrypted links to better protect sensitive data? Protecting yourself and your patients is important when you work in the medical field. Anserve’s dedicated agents safeguard PHI, HIPAA, and other sensitive information, shielding your patients from exposure. Opting to receive sensitive messages via encrypted links will help to ensure your patient’s sensitive information is not compromised.

Technical Solutions

Maybe you prefer your messages to integrate directly with industry apps? Technology is moving quickly and you want your practice to move with it. Anserve can offer technical solutions to incorporate your EHR; boosting efficiency.

A dentist is smiling while holding a dental tool

Notice the Difference by Joining Anserve

Anserve offers an easy approach for onboarding a bulk number of your practices. The process is seamless and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your dental practice is in the capable hands of our dental answering service! For the average dental practice, less than $4 per day can provide you with seamless constant support to never miss a call again!

Flexibility and dependability are at the heart of Anserve’s business practices. We provide a reliable, round-the-clock answering service for dental offices, with highly-trained agents available 24×7 to answer calls and take messages from patients. You’ll never have to worry about privacy and HIPAA concerns since Anserve’s agents complete training regularly to stay up-to-date on current practices and regulations. Our services are customizable to suit the needs of your particular office, and you can create an original answering script that is tailored to your specific business.

Choose Anserve for the Dental Answering Services

Your practice is too important to risk losing patients. Why jeopardize your relationship with your patients by not being available when they need you? Anserve’s dental office answering services can assist with patient calls and inquiries, even when there is no one in the office. Choose a best dental answering service you can trust to handle these types of situations. When you are understaffed, at lunch, or gone for the day, you can trust that Anserve will be there, ready and able to take your patients’ calls and answer any questions they have.

Anserve manages a 24×7 staff of over 100 live agents. At Anserve, each dental answering service employee:

  • Passes an annual HIPAA compliance test
  • Is tested quarterly in Cyber Security issues
  • Completes rigorous training to use our systems and technology
A dentist consulting his female patient