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Home Health Care Answering Services
Home Health Care Answering Services

Why Use A Home Care Medical Answering Service?

Home health care, a rapidly growing segment in the healthcare industry, allows individuals to be cared for within their homes. Government and privately funded home health care services help people who are aging, recovering from surgery, chronically ill, or disabled. By the year 2030, more than 20% of the country will be over age 65. The older life span of the average American is creating more demand for home health care services such as companionship, personal care, meal prep and delivery, health aides, and housework. Answering all incoming calls, day and night, is critical for a home health care business. Families and caregivers expect, and frequently require, prompt attention and responses from home health care providers.

Finding the right caregiver and services for a loved one is often time sensitive. It’s crucial to have the help needed, when it’s needed. A home care medical answering service can help to create stability and continuity in the lives of patients and their families. Clients can rest assured their calls will be answered no matter what hour of the day or night and they will have the comfort of speaking with a live agent, so they know their needs are being heard. Long wait times and unanswered calls can negatively impact the health and welfare of clients, and they can also affect your business as well. It’s imperative for calls to be answered as they come in, rather than relying on an answering machine for messaging services. There is nothing worse than calling a provider only to be met with an impersonal answering machine message. Anserve’s multilingual medical answering service for home healthcare business ensure every call is answered on the first ring. Never miss a call again!

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Anserve’s Top-Rated, HIPAA-Compliant Home Care Answering Service

A healthcare answering service is an extremely beneficial addition to your home health care business. Incoming calls communicate progress or setbacks, and voicemails are not helpful in urgent situations.

Quick Response: In the home healthcare industry, your families need to be able to access the care they need, when they need it. This means quick response times and open phone lines, with someone at the other end to answer calls. If you have ever missed a call on your cell phone, you’ve experienced the effectiveness of having employees take calls after-hours.

Emergency Call Handling: At crucial times or during emergencies, a live agent can make a difference in the case at hand. Picking up on the first ring, customer service agents are ready and able to take incoming calls and ensure your families are well taken care of.

Tailored Services For Your Business: Anserve’s 24 hour home health care answering service can help you provide better service to your families, handling important calls when you’re unavailable, and can provide a better quality of life to all caregivers. The industry is continually changing as a result of medical advances and an aging population. Anserve’s home care answering service expands and adjusts with your business. We employ over 100 live agents, specialized and dedicated to a unique set of home health care answering service skills. We will work with you to develop an answering service script that meets your business needs.


Why Choose Anserve’s Home Care Medical Answering Service?

A home care answering service is a solution to your business needs. Imagine having an employee that works around the clock, covers the phones during overflow times, and never takes a sick day. That is what an answering service can mean for your business. No more missed calls, no more scrambling to answer phones when employees are out of the office or gone for the day.

  • Multilingual Service: Anserve’s multilingual healthcare answering service is prepared to manage high volumes of calls at once, allowing you to cost-effectively operate a 24×7 environment.
  • Highly Trained Agents: Our customer service agents are highly trained to answer calls and respond with empathy and compassion.
  • HIPAA compliant & Confidential Service: Home health care is an important industry, and we respect the confidentiality of patients and their families. Anserve’s agents attend regular training to ensure they are up to date on all facets of security and health care protocol. Agents are fully versed in HIPAA regulations as well.
Home Health Care Answering Services
home health

There are several factors that make Anserve’s home care medical answering services better than the competition.

  • Teamwork: Our professionals at Anserve work as a team to provide great customer service to your patients. Our healthcare-focused agents work to help you accomplish your goals and promote customer loyalty.
  • Leading-Edge Technology: Anserve makes sure that situations like power outages never get in between your patients and your services. In addition, all calls are recorded and stored digitally for more than two years.
  • Experience: Our professionals are experienced in providing home care 24 hours medical answering services to your families, and they are able to deliver the best customer service to your new and existing customers. We are a HIPAA-compliant medical answering service and we aim to be the best in the business.
  • Proficiency: Anserve features highly proficient agents with great communication skills, an asset in retaining existing patients as well as gaining new patients for your healthcare services.

Impact Of Home Care Answering Service On Your Business

A home healthcare service decided to reduce office staff and focus more on their in-home health care personnel, but they were still in need of someone to help out during the day, taking overflow calls, logging absent employees and answering calls from healthcare providers, facilities and families. The health care service didn’t want to create new jobs for these tasks but recognized that they had to find a solution that would allow them to continue focusing on their prioritized skill sets.

The home healthcare provider decided to employ Anserve to act as their healthcare answering service. The decision meant that calls would be received without interruption and patients and providers would be able to speak to a live agent no matter when they called. The healthcare provider saved time and money hiring Anserve and, as a result, was able to divert and bolster financial resources to other portions of the organization.

Home Health Care Answering Services
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Anserve’s Leading Home Medical Answering Service Features

At Anserve, we know how important it is to have a dependable and caring home care 24 hour medical answering service that your patients and their families can rely on.

  • Compassionate Agents: Our agents are friendly and compassionate and are ready to assist your clients when they call.
  • Around The Clock: Our answering service for home healthcare business are available around the clock, with agents standing by to answer on the first ring.
  • Customized Scripts: Agents will respond to phone calls with a script that is completely customized by you and tailored to your business.
  • Continuous Service: Anserve is able to stay up and running even in emergency situations. In the event of inclement weather; our facility is equipped with natural gas generators allowing us to continue operating without interruption.

Anserve has taken on the responsibility of being your ‘front line’ home care 24 hour medical answering service since 1969, providing compassion and expertise through high-end technology and personal touch only available in a family-owned business. At Anserve, we understand that personal time is precious and all caregivers require support. Call us at 800-980-9770 or contact us for more information on our home health care answering services.

Our service, and our customers, speak for us!

Anserve has helped many businesses retain [and in some cases, increase] the number of incoming calls vis a vis our industry technology. This benefit is not guaranteed to all clients but can be realized without adding additional staff members to your team. Our testimonials demonstrate the gratification of our clients, and a job well done on their behalf.

Home Health Care Answering Services