Appointment Scheduling Services

Depending on the size of your business, missed appointments could cost you $150,000 per year or more! Let Anserve take the calls and free up valuable resources!

Appointment calls often take up the majority of your daytime call volume. If you could parse out those calls and improve efficiency for your staff, you would also surely increase the amount of appointments booked. With Anserve’s appointment scheduling services, you can feel confident that appointment related phone calls are never missed and always handled as if it was your in-house staff. Anserve operators will integrate with your existing web-based scheduling platform including your EMR or EHR system. If you don’t have an appointment system, we can discuss options of how to best manage your scheduling needs. All activity updates in real time and Anserve is capable of sending additional electronic messaging for accountability purposes. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

A answering service agent on the job

How Our Appointment Scheduling Services Works:

Anserve’s appointment scheduling service is easy to use.

  1. You tell us how you would like us to schedule your appointments.
  2. We put your custom instructions into our appointment scheduling software.
  3. Our friendly, multilingual appointment-scheduling operators use your instructions to schedule appointments for you and your staff around the clock.
  4. If you need outgoing reminder calls made, Anserve operators will make them.
Appointment Scheduling Services

Answering Service Appointment Scheduling Features:

Confirming appointments is another service available through Anserve. This proves highly valuable in reducing the number of costly no-shows on your calendar. Appointment confirmations can be satisfied within your web-based platform or coordinated offline with our expert staff.

How Anserve Is The Perfect Match For Your Needs:

  • Appointments can be used and accessed by Anserve’s agents as well as your team.
  • If your business provides multiple services or employees, Anserve can expertly handle appointments for all of them.
  • Easily reschedule, book and cancel your appointments.
  • Option to sync with industry-related apps available.
  • Scheduling in real-time.
  • Always working, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Highly trained team of professionals.
  • Safe and secure data handling with HIPAA-compliant staff.

Answering Service Appointment Scheduling is invaluable for sales teams, home service professionals, medical offices, dental offices, event registration, class registration, and scheduling interviews. Please call us now to learn more about Anserve’s telephone answering excellence. 800-980-9770

Appointment Scheduling Services

Appointment Confirmations by phone are still the most effective way to ensure your company time is well spent. We can integrate with web-based tools or you can send Anserve your data by email. Calls are customized based on your expectations.