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Emergency Restoration Answering Service Benefits

When you partner with Anserve’s emergency restoration answering services, we guarantee our lights are always on.

  • We own and maintain our headquarters in Butler, NJ
  • Our 12,000 square foot building is powered locally and backed up by a natural gas generator
  • Our technology is redundant and located off-site in a temperature controlled environment with auxiliary power, ample bandwidth, and physical security.
  • We have cyber liability insurance to ensure data is properly protected.

Anserve’s emergency restoration answering services go the extra mile for disaster recovery companies.

  • With bilingual answering services in over 200 languages available, Anserve eliminates language barriers
  • By making this positive first impression, you provide a stress-free experience, resulting in satisfied customers that build loyalty for your company.
  • We answer on the first ring so customers will never hear a voicemail or be kept on unnecessary hold during their time of need.

Above all, Anserve’s ability to help clients in a professional, timely, and accurate manner is why we are considered the most reputable emergency restoration answering services in the country. We are the trusted leader in business communications for restoration companies, with our skilled customer service agents ready to help your clients and document pick up times.

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Emergency Restoration Calls Are Answered 24/7

The goal of a restoration company is to restore, protect, and preserve a home or business and prevent further damage from occurring. Even a single missed call could mean a huge missed opportunity for your company, Anserve’s goal is to ensure you never lose contact with your customers with our emergency restoration answering services, including first ring pick up of every call no matter the time of day or night.

Whether it is from bad weather rendering you incapable of answering the phone, a power outage that temporarily puts you out of business, or handling overflow calls during times of extremely high call volume, Anserve’s tailored and cost-effective emergency restoration answering service can reliably help with dedicated and secure 800 phone numbers, announcements, voice mailboxes, live operators, and flexible responses fit your requirements and budget.

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Customized Scripting Ensure Callers Get the Information they Need

Customers appreciate a human interaction opposed to a machine offering options that may not be relevant, and keeping an appropriate tone for the circumstances is essential for seamlessly maintaining your business’s reputation. Diligently utilizing approved scripts created by your company and your triage protocol, Anserve’s trained and professional emergency restoration answering service agents answer every call as an extension of your team in the same way you expect your in-house employees to answer calls. Our customizable plans and knowledgeable staff can easily manage order taking, lead generation, technical support, and other communication needs with customized scripts so all of your customers’ questions and needs are answered while making a great impression with each touch point.

Contact Anserve’s Emergency Restoration Answering Service Team Today

Anserve has been providing answering services for over 50 years. As an award winning company, our highly-trained agents answer over 15,000 calls per day. As you create your disaster preparedness plan, contact Anserve at 800-970-9770 to ensure your communications are ready for any unforeseen events, and rest assured knowing that clients will receive the most up-to-date information about your business. Professional emergency restoration answering service agents who are familiar with your business are ready to serve you 24/7.

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FAQs on Emergency Restoration Answering Services

Emergency situations like river flood

What do Emergency Restoration Companies do?

There is never a convenient time for disaster, but when a catastrophe strikes your area, emergency restoration answering services act as the first responders to clean up the mess. Whether it is a home or business, damage from fire, broken water pipes, mold remediation or a natural disaster (hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc), each call is treated as critical to ensure trained agents are dispatched quickly and effectively, because like any disaster, you shouldn’t need to make an appointment for timely and professional service.

What can Emergency Restoration Answering Services do for Restoration Companies?

With Anserve’s emergency restoration answering services, we help you help your clients and their critical restoration needs. Anserve handles incoming calls on behalf of your company with the use of a customized script, dispatches on-call technicians when and where needed, is capable of scheduling appointments and digitally records/stores all calls for up to two and a half years with no fee for retrieval. Regardless of your business size, as the most reputable and technologically advanced answering service for emergency restoration businesses, Anserve can help ensure your company has the most effective communication strategy for any unforeseen circumstance.

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Are There Customized Answering Services for Emergency Restoration Service Providers?

Anserve is experienced in customizing scripts for callers around the clock. Following your exact instructions will help us provide emergency restoration answering services during any emergency situation. The benefits of customized emergency restoration answering services include

  • 24/7 Live Answering Service: We provide live answering services 24/7, answering calls that may have missed otherwise. Our professional agents handle inbound and outbound calls, voicemails, free call forwarding, and more.
  • 24/7 Emergency Answering Service: Anserve’s 24×7 emergency answering service will help you run your business even when you cannot make it to the office whether you are facing bad weather or an emergency situation.
  • Multilingual Answering Service:  We have specialized agents able to provide multilingual service. Residents of the USA use many different languages besides English and Spanish. We offer multilingual services so your customers can express themselves the way they need to, especially in a time of crisis. We have the capability to answer in over 200 different languages to give your customers the best possible answering services.