Utilities Answering Service

Anserve has been providing answering services and call center solutions to Utility professionals since 1969 with live US-based oil and propane answering service agents 24×7.

Electric, water, waste disposal, fuel delivery, irrigation, and construction services….your industry usually oversees a large geographical area and often has multiple on-call service individuals and/or crews. Anserve’s emergency resources, including a state-of-the-art messaging system, allows our live oil and propane answering service agents to expertly classify and coordinate each service call to effectively manage your “to-do” list.

Properly managing liability risks are critical. After-hours calls must be handled efficiently, immediately and with great care. Our various propane answering service protocols, built on years of emergency
dispatch for the medical profession, have a major commonality: uniform management for every one of your calls, exactly as described in the step-by-step relay protocol specially designed for your operations department. The essential element in the relay protocol is for every urgent message to be delivered quickly and accurately.

Why Choose Anserve’s Utilities Answering Service for your Fuel Delivery Company

Anserve’s Utilities Answering Service Professionally Represents You!

Make sure your clients are ready for your delivery or services. Missed appointments and on-site delays are costly to your business. Anserve provides highly trained individuals to confirm your calendar of commitments in advance. By taking advantage of our appointment services, you can increase efficiency throughout your day.

Anserve has the capacity to manage large volumes of calls at once. This allows your team members to be out on the job and servicing customers. Regardless of weather conditions or holidays, Anserve is on standby 24×7 to support your business. Restore your confidence by working with an International Award-Winning partner.

Your Customer Service does not begin/ end at the job site.

  • The personality answering your phone is crucial to first impressions
  • Unanswered calls are extremely expensive
  • Callers see voicemail as a dead end, 75% say they would not leave a voice message when prompted (US Bureau of Labor Survey)

Using Anserve’s propane answering service will result in:

  • Increased call volume
  • Greater opportunities for sales
  • Better Account Management
  • Recorded Calls
  • Accountability for deliveries
  • Ultra-low hold times
  • Protocol for message relay

Can you afford to miss these opportunities?

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