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More Hospitals and Hospital Networks have chosen to work with Anserve’s medical answering service than any other competing company.

Our Medical answering service can help build your business and retain patients. However, it’s important to remember that medical offices handle sensitive data relating to the client’s medical information. When choosing a telephone medical answering service, it’s imperative to keep in mind that protecting patient information is our number one priority. From the technology we rely on to the standards we apply in our offices, Anserve looks to protect all stakeholders involved in the business. Anserve promotes a completely HIPAA compliant work environment. Each employee is required to complete HIPAA compliance training every two years, in addition to quarterly Cyber Security training. Anserve also carries a Cyber-Breach Insurance Policy to further the value in our client relationships. These features set us apart from other medical answering service. Our specialized agents are professionally trained to protect sensitive medical information and deliver a quality service to your patients.

Being in business since 1969 gives us quite an edge. Anserve has decades of experience in refining our medical answering services training programs, client services, and intelligence in the marketplace. Anserve understands that our Live Agents are a direct extension of your office staff and we take pride in the award-winning work we accomplish 24 hours per day.

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Protect Your Patients’ Privacy with Anserve

The relationship between a doctor and patient is based on trust; patients want to know they have access to their doctor for questions and scheduling needs. Unfortunately, your office can’t answer the phone 24 hours a day, and hiring dedicated staff to take phone calls isn’t always cost-effective. Medical answering service can pick up where you left off. Anserve’s highly-trained agents are available around the clock to take phone calls and relay messages. Our call center agents will work from a script that you help create and approve, guaranteeing every interaction with your patients leaves a great impression. Our facilities never close so we are always ready to take calls, no matter the time of day or night, and Anserve offers translation services for over 200 languages, allowing your patients to communicate in their native language. Most importantly, our call center agents complete HIPAA and cybersecurity training to ensure they deliver the very best customer service while maintaining patient privacy.

When your patients reach out to you, the last thing they want to hear is a recorded message prompting them to leave information, with no guarantee this information will even reach their medical provider. Give your patients the reassurance that comes with a medical answering service. Hearing a live agent on the phone, ready to take their calls and assist them, will give your patients a good first impression and help to continue to build their trust and confidence in you.

Need a change?

Anserve can help onboard your business, so you can change vendors easily. We make the process seamless and easy to ensure your transition is quick and simple.

Why A Medical Answering Service?

The vast majority of customers will hang up when prompted to leave a message on a business answering machine. Rather than losing your clients, trust Anserve to be there in your place. Our agents work around the clock, and they are ready 24 hours a day to assist clients, so even when you aren’t in the office, we are. Our agents are specially trained to answer incoming medical calls, and they receive training specifically for HIPAA privacy laws, so you can rest assured that your patient’s personal and medical information is protected every step of the way.

Anserve’s Medical Telephone Answering Service Has your Needs in Mind

Anserve offers each Provider in the practice the chance to customize HOW and WHEN they would like to receive their messages. We prioritize our actions according to your standards because we understand what health care professionals are looking for in a physician answering service.

  • Around-The-Clock Support: Anserve’s dedication to providing medical answering services is unmatched as indicated by our many industry awards. We answer your phone around-the-clock and reassure your patients that there is someone on the other end of the phone who can be relied upon during medical emergencies.
  • Handling Vital Information: Our dedicated professionals are able to answer any questions that your customers may have by following specific protocols that you design for each answering scenario. Your customers will experience a seamless call transition from our answering service to your support staff whenever necessary.
  • Taking Care of Emergencies: When your patients call with an emergency and request a meeting or call with you, it is important to connect them quickly or schedule their appointment as soon as possible. Our answering service team will work with you to create a format for emergency calls and will follow your protocol in an emergency situation.

Do you Prefer Encrypted Links to Better Protect Sensitive Data?

Maybe you prefer your messages to integrate directly with industry apps? Anserve can offer technical solutions to incorporate your EHR; boosting efficiency.

What will you do in the Event of a Power Loss?

Losing power is no joke and, unfortunately, it’s not only out of your hands, but it can impact your business. Ensuring you are available when customers call is a crucial part of running a business, and losing power can prevent clients from reaching you. Anserve has built-in generators in its buildings, which run on natural gas and keep our services up and running, even when yours aren’t. There is also no loss of quality and speed when operating on our natural gas generator, which can be critical when comparing call centers and answering services.

You are in Charge

As a client, you have complete oversight over our interactions with your patients and clients. We will work with you to come up with a script targeted towards your patients. This way, you are in charge of the impression callers have on your business. In addition, you have the option of monitoring messages and updating your on-call schedule from our website with ease.

Sign in to our website and you’ll be able to:

  • Review current messages, relayed in real-time
  • Update your on-call schedule
  • Communicate with Anserve and ensure our staff are accountable
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Changing shifts, lunch breaks, and employee absences can all adversely affect the efficiency of your business. Overflow medical answering services can help relieve the burden of understaffing. Anserve’s telephone medical answering service agents are available 24/7 to answer calls. If you are interested in Overflow Services, we will be happy to assist! Whether you need coverage during shift changes, lunch breaks or after hours, we are here for you!

We are very happy with the service that your company provides to Lakeland Cardiology staff and patients. Your agents are always professional and courteous.

Jennifer, Office Manager, St Clare’s Lakeland Cardiology Center

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