Career Opportunities at Anserve, Inc.

Our Employees Are Our Primary Investment!

CORE FOCUS: Build a Great Company with Compassionate People To Deliver Amazing Results!

Anserve is proud to be family-owned and operated since 1969. We have grown to be one of the largest answering services in the country, managing in excess of 10,000 incoming calls per day. Based in New Jersey, we are a 24×7 business powered by over 100 employees who strive to meet individual and team goals.

Call Center Agent and Call Center Manager Career Opportunities

Our call center is fast-paced and will allow you to broaden experiences each day as you interact with high profile clients and industry technology across the major business sectors we operate in. Anserve offers each employee a structured training program to support the job functions they are hired for.

Our clients rely on us to be prepared, accountable and friendly because Anserve tends to be the first interaction for their business. We empower our employees to make decisions quickly and support them with experienced management for when the answers are not always clear.

The lights in our building never go off…we work round the clock, all year. In order to meet such high demands, Anserve candidates should expect to work alternating weekends and 4 holidays per year. In order to be eligible for health benefits, employees need to exceed 25 hours per week, however, Anserve also offers flexibility and can slot part-timers for less than 25 hours per week.

Benefits of Call Center Agent or Call Center Manager Career Opportunities at Anserve

  • Professional Training Environment
  • Paid Vacation
  • Work with an Award-Winning Team
  • Flexible Working Conditions
  • A Family-Owned Company
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Manager Development Programs
  • Healthcare Options
  • Monthly Rewards/ Incentives
  • Biannual Industry Rewards

Anserve caters to a wide range of demographics. English-speaking and Spanish-speaking agents are available at any time of day. If you are fluent in English and Spanish, please let us know!

Qualified employees will have career opportunities to work remotely and ensure optimal service to the thousands of clients Anserve works for!

Become part of our team!