Multilingual Answering Service

Consumers like to talk with businesses over the phone, creating personal connections. When your business misses a phone call, it misses a potential customer. How do you stay competitive in today’s technology driven environment where access to information is instantaneous?

Why Choose Multilingual Answering Service?

Every call must be answered 24×7, even when you’re unavailable. Every consumer must be understood, regardless of the language spoken. Now more than ever, businesses need to communicate effectively within all industries and demographics. Non-native English speakers will seek out organizations that support multilingual services. It’s often much easier, and less stressful, for consumers to express their wants and needs in their native tongue. Ensure your calls are interpreted accurately with Anserve’s multilingual answering service. Providing translation for over 200 different languages results in more satisfied customers and business opportunities. With a multilingual answering service, knowledgeable agents will answer and translate all of your calls when you’re unable to. Make a positive first impression!

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Anserve is Your Multilingual Answering Service Provider

Whether you’re a business receiving orders, or a medical practice providing patient care, Anserve’s professional staff is ready to help 24×7. Maybe your organization caters to a demographic needing a different level of service. We support many types of industries and communities, in-house agents that speak both English and multiple languages are available every minute of the day. Anserve provides translation for over 200 languages. Don’t miss critical messages because of miscommunication. Consumers who are frustrated or misunderstood will look elsewhere. Anserve understands your business and can effectively communicate with your clientele in their native language. A multilingual answering service can be a unique value proposition; helping you set yourself apart from the competition.

Answering Service in 200+ US Languages

Anserve provides a live translator for any language needs beyond English and Spanish. Our agents can provide your messages in English from any of the 200+ languages you see here, making your callers more comfortable.

Make Sure You Understand Every Call and Every Message

Anserve has been supporting businesses for over 50 years, offering simple answering service plans with straightforward pricing. You can choose to receive your messages via voice, email, text, secure message, online portal and/or fax. With a multilingual answering service, you’re ensured that every call, from every customer, is received and communicated clearly and accurately. Every call is important! Offering multilingual communications and translations directly affects a business’s bottom line, expanding your customer base. Anserve continually invests in technology, including backup generators and a colocation, our power is always on. Contact Anserve about our 24×7 multilingual answering service at (800) 980-9770 or via our website.

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