Telehealth Services

New technologies such as telemedicine help improve health care services. It is important to remember, for technology to work it must work for the people it is meant to help – patients and the professionals providing care.

By providing the latest, most up-to-date technology, Anserve is able to help medical providers serve a wide range of patients and clients from all across the nation. As technology changes, so does its impact on the medical community. Anserve is dedicated to ensuring providers have the tools and the technical knowledge to provide the very best in care to their patients. This includes business answering services, which keep providers connected to their patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the past, physicians consulted with patients over the phone, and they may have taken notes during the call. Telehealth was informal at best.  Now a telehealth platform provides physicians with the security and organization so that they can actually practice medicine remotely.  One of the advantages of a telehealth system of medicine is the ability for providers and patients to connect remotely and for medical professionals to reach patients that they may not have previously been able to. Telehealth services also provide a more streamlined experience for doctors and other medical professionals by providing them with an all-in-one telecommunication and billing experience.Telehealth systems allow them to track and share their patient’s health data, document their thoughts and notes, bill patients and get reimbursed by insurance, schedule appointments and more.

The Telehealth platform that we offer uses various solutions including mobile apps and cloud software that allows providers to access information on their mobile medical devices and perform video and voice consultations. Telehealth benefits those in widely spread regions where it is hard to get around, as well as those with tight availability in their schedule. It allows busy health professionals the option of working in the office and out of the office.

Telehealth Services changes the location where health care services are routinely provided.

The benefits of telehealth services to patients and their families are considerable. Having the ability to consult with a doctor or specialist without having to travel a long distance is a convenience that patients who live in rural areas or who don’t have access to a good transportation system or a personal vehicle can appreciate. The advantages and convenience of telehealth for patients are some of the reasons that this innovative new approach to healthcare has been gaining traction. Without the help of technology, however, the services offered through telehealth providers would not be possible.

By partnering with Bluestream Health, Anserve offers Live, two-way interaction between a person (patient, caregiver, or provider) and a provider using audio-visual telecommunications technology.  This type of service is also referred to as “real-time” video and may serve as a substitute for an in-person encounter when it is not available. Live video can be used for both consultative and diagnostic and treatment services.

Audio-visual telecommunications have paved the way for innovations in the health and medical fields. Patients who are busy or live too far from a medical center or specialist can now be seen by a provider through a virtual, secure, medium and receive the care they need. Anserve is leading the way to creating a comprehensive, more inclusive patient experience by providing real-time video services to medical offices so that they can better serve their patients’ needs. In addition, telehealth call center answering services provided by Anserve allows providers to connect with their patients, receive messages, and stay in touch at the press of a button; all while adhering to HIPAA regulations for the protection of Personal Health Information (PHI)

Telehealth Call Center Answering Services

Anserve is a leader in medical and telehealth call center answering services. We offer services for many different clients, and our agents are highly trained in cybersecurity and HIPAA laws, so medical providers can rest assured that their patients’ personal medical information is in good hands. Medical professionals have the option to personalize a business answering service script that perfectly represents their business. This ensures that Anserve’s live agents know exactly how to handle each call and what information to provide to patients. Anserve’s offices are always staffed, and the building is specially equipped with a backup power supply, so clients are still able to reach us, even in the event of an emergency.

These medical consultative diagnostics include areas such as:

telehealth answering service
  • Dentistry
  • Counselling
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Home health
  • Chronic disease monitoring and management
  • Disaster management
  • Consumer and professional education

The field of telehealth (Telemedicine) is diverse, and it’s expanding all the time. With the goal of reaching as many patients as possible, telehealth providers have expanded into many different fields of medicine. As the telehealth field continues to grow, providers need to have services available that can reach an increasing number of patients in a broad field of medical services. Anserve’s dedication to delivering the latest audio-visual and telecommunication technology to medical offices and providers is driven by the belief that telehealth is the future of medicine. It saves time for professionals, saves time for the patient and increases productivity for companies whose employees, before telemedicine, had to leave work for themselves or a family member and attend an appointment.

As the world of technology changes, so do the ways in which we utilize it. The advent of telehealth services has meant a new chapter in diagnosing and administering to patients. The convenience of having a service that combines patient care with billing and connects to apps and the cloud for quick and easy access means that medical providers can spend more time with patients and less time on administrative and billing issues. The addition of telehealth answering services to a medical provider’s office allows providers to stay connected to patients and frees up doctors and nurses to assist patients rather than answering phones.

How can we affect your business?

A medical provider owned a small practice and spent large amounts of the day working remotely, providing telehealth and telecommunication services to his patients. Since much of his practice was now conducted remotely, this cut down on the need for additional staff members to be present in the office. However, the physician still needed someone to field calls and take messages, handle appointments and answer questions.

Rather than hiring a staff member to answer patient phone calls, the medical provider opted for the, HIPAA-compliant, telehealth answering services offered by Anserve. Not only has the provider saved money by reducing the necessity for staff, but he continues to build his medical practice by taking on new clients and ensuring his patients are well taken care of.

We Stand by Our Service 

At Anserve, we offer a range of services to advance your business and improve the experiences of your patients. Our customer testimonials speak to the satisfaction that our customers experience and the peace of mind that they have, knowing that Anserve is there to meet their needs.

My name is Frank Plantemoli and I am the administrator for Aspen Medical Associates. We are a large medical practice in Bergen County New Jersey and long time customer of Anserve. We have been with Anserve for close to 10 years. My experience with the company has always been positive. We have a very complicated on-call schedule and the staff at Anserve handle it with skill and professionalism. We never have any complaints from patients, doctors or any of the facilities we deal with. The staff from top to bottom couldn’t be nicer, more patient or more competent. Their technology has always been “state of the art”. I have and would recommend them to anyone with no reservations. They have my highest recommendation.

– Frank Plantemoli, Practice Administrator

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