Telephone Answering Services Offered

Anserve is the chosen call center solution for startup businesses and national brands. We help manage and prioritize your communications 24×7, giving you more time to dedicate to managing your business. Anserve’s experienced professionals are available to answer your telephone calls when you are not – be it after hours, on the weekend, or when you step away from your desk.

24×7 Live Answering Service

Anserve offers 24×7 nationwide support and service for outbound and inbound calls. Our live 24×7 telephone answering service extends your business hours and ensures you don’t miss a customer request. Anserve plans are customizable and our staff can easily manage order taking, lead generation, technical support, and other communication needs. At Anserve, round-the-clock means just that…our lights are always on and our service is inclusive of every holiday on the calendar.

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Telephone Answering Services Offered by Anserve

Multilingual & Bilingual Operators

Anserve’s reliable business answering services reach a myriad of demographics and industries. English and Spanish-speaking answering services are an integral part of what we offer. When English is your second language, the most comfortable and efficient way of communicating is in your native tongue. Anserve can provide a live translator from any of the 200+ languages you see here, making your callers more comfortable.

Virtual Receptionist Service

Virtual receptionist services help ensure that a consumer’s first impression of your business is a positive one. Virtual receptionist services provide general business information, overflow support, vacation coverage, and transfers of emergency phone calls. Anserve’s virtual receptionists will efficiently handle your customers’ calls 24×7.

Appointment Scheduling Service

With Anserve’s appointment scheduling, confirmation, and cancellation services, you can feel confident that appointment-related phone calls are always handled professionally. A missed appointment can result in lost business. Anserve operators will work with your existing scheduling software, including logging into your EMR or EHR system, to manage your schedule. Appointment data can be integrated with your web-based tools or sent via email.

Emergency Support Service

An emergency answering service is useful during crisis situations such as bad weather, power outages, and accidents. Anserve provides emergency support, all over the country, with tailored, cost-effective disaster alert programs. Accommodating your needs and budget, our emergency answering service package includes dedicated and secure 800 numbers, announcements, voice mailboxes, live operators, and flexible responses.

Telehealth Service

Our telehealth platform offers health care providers HIPAA security and organization to practice medicine remotely. Providers are able to track and share health data, document thoughts and notes, bill patients, get reimbursed by insurance, schedule appointments, and more. With mobile apps and cloud software, Anserve provides a complex, forward-thinking solution to the healthcare field. Providers can access information on their mobile medical devices and perform video and voice consultations, anytime and anywhere. Peer-to-peer and Provider-to-patient interaction is changing.

Voicemail & Messaging Service

Anserve communicates vital information to you using the latest technology, via voicemail, emails, texts, faxes, and verbally, to help streamline your business processes and support the bottom line. Our secure messaging and texting is HIPAA compliant. Our daily summary helps keep us both accountable by sending all messages according to your customized protocol. Anserve offers free call forwarding, communication and marketing consultations, and fax to email options.

Web & Other Services

The ability to email and quickly access information online is critical to customer retention. Anserve offers numerous web, messaging, and call services ensuring all businesses have the coverage they need, when they need it. From online portals, to web chats, email monitoring, wake up services, and wellbeing checks, Anserve is your one-stop-shop for all of your unique 24×7 communications. Our web portal allows clients to change on-call schedules, view messages, communicate with Anserve, and manage contact lists.

Anserve is Your 24×7 Telephone Answering Service

From small startups to household brand names, Anserve has provided its professional range of telephone answering services to a diverse business community since 1969. Anserve is a multi-year, international, industry award-winning company. Call Anserve at 1-800-980-9770 or contact us for more information about our services. Never worry about missed calls or making a great first impression again!

All Telephone Answering Services Offered by Anserve

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