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Through our 24X7 answering service, Anserve can help you develop and implement your disaster alert programs

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Why You Need Emergency Response Answering Services from Anserve

An emergency response answering service is useful in a handful of scenarios. Bad weather could prevent you from being able to go into the office, rendering you incapable of answering the phones. A power outage could put you out of business for several days. Maybe you run the type of business that receives a surplus of calls after a disaster takes place, like a hospital, and you need a 24 hour answering service to help with the influx of emergency phone calls.

Anserve provides court systems, government entities, hospitals, and businesses all over the country with tailored, cost-effective emergency answering services. Our reliable 24 hour answering service package includes after hours answering services and dedicated and secure 800 numbers, announcements, voice mailboxes, live operators, and flexible responses that fit your needs and budget.

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How Anserve’s 24 Hour Answering Services Works

You’ll create the protocol that we’ll follow when we receive your emergency calls. If our system alerts us that the person we tried to reach has not responded within a period of time which you will indicate, we will continue through your chain of command until we are able to reach someone. When the call is dispatched, you will be notified.

With Anserve, you’ll receive affordable, 24 hour answering service support for your business. We will ensure that your customers and clientele do not suffer during a disaster or other type of emergency situation because we are unable to answer the phone or handle the volume of calls.

Don’t let unforeseen events throw a wrench in your business operations. Call our sales department at 800-970-9770.

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Anserve’s 24 Hour Answering Service Can Help You

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During a Power Outage

Anserve’s emergency answering service will stay in touch with your customers and answer all your customers’ questions during power outages. Your customers can call you any time, and they may not even know about your emergency circumstances. With Anserve, you do not have to worry about the loss of customers during an electrical failure in your area. We will handle incoming calls, representing your company and following your business protocols.

24 Hour Answering Services

If your business has customers that call you around the clock, then you need a 24 hour answering service that is active night and day. Anserve’s 24 hour answering service is ready to work around the clock to respond to your customers’ queries. Anserve’s after hours answering service has skilled operators who professionally answer your customer calls on behalf of your business. You customers will be happy to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable live operators instead of a machine. We have experience in working with many types of businesses across many industries, so we can provide you with the best possible emergency response answering service.

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Anserve Is the Answer!

Anserve provides 24 hour answering services and after hours answering services in over 200 languages. In addition to that, Anserve also provides email monitoring services for all your incoming emails. We redirect them according to the protocol that you establish. Each and every call of ours is recorded and securely stored so that you can access these any time you want. With every package, we have included a pinnacle secure messaging service for free.

There are many benefits to choosing Anserve for your emergency response answering service. Don’t wait for an emergency before you sign up! Request a demo today!