A Cross-platform Call Center Approach Works Best for Successful Customer Interaction with Different Generations

Businesses today must implement a customer-centric approach to service whereby they understand and interact with their customers generationally so that they can communicate with them in the way in which they are most comfortable. When choosing among call centers in NJ, it becomes imperative to find the one that is adept at providing cross-platform communication options to their clients’ customer base.

To a certain degree, customers within different age brackets prefer different methods of communication with businesses. Although the distinction of Baby Boomers preferring to communicate by phone still exists, it is surely a smartphone with Internet access.

They are increasingly likely to have a tablet in addition to their home computer, and while they use all devices to do the shopping for products and services, they still prefer to interact with a live human voice. This makes it imperative to have live assist via online chat in addition to a live agent for the answering service.

The post-Baby-boom children known as generation X, which were born in the late ’60s to the early ’80s, are certainly spread across the map in terms of their preferred mode of communication. They will fully utilize the e-commerce and online portals for businesses that provide products and services without ever speaking to a human being. Still, if things get sticky, depending on the product type or service, they will expect to have support from online messaging and online chat if they become frustrated.

They are fully dedicated to their smartphones so will browse, shop, and complete orders for products and services via their phone. They expect prompt service and if they are shunted to a voicemail or put on hold, they will move on.

The younger generation referred to as millennials have grown up in a world of advanced technology and it is the only world that they know. Consequently, they interact almost exclusively via mobile digital devices. They may utilize online chat for questions, but it becomes a far more used tool when they have order fulfillment complications. They may resort to making a call, but they do not suffer waiting in general.

They will still respond to a polite and friendly human voice, but that voice must be highly informed, efficient, and generally intuitive. This is why when businesses are choosing an answering service in NJ they must have the technology and the call agents with the experience to fulfill the needs of these customers correctly.

This means having the latest technology at their disposal for quickly accessing product information, order fulfillment procedures, and the answers to the most common questions that pertain to the business or silo is imperative. Also, they must be able to make call processing to specific people via messaging, transfers, and other modes of contact a part of their services.

Although these generational consumers may have communication preferences, there are no hard and fast rules as to which they will pick based on their overall demographic. Despite this fact, it is the call centers in NJ that understand how to interact with these generational groups while being flexible in terms of providing multi-platform communication options that will best serve their business clients.