Call Handling Service

Anserve’s Call Handling Start to Finish

How does call handling work at Anserve?

At Anserve, our call handling team of live agents take on all of your company’s incoming phone calls. However, you might be wondering how this process works. When you first begin a relationship with Anserve, we meet with you to learn about your company, its inner workings and how we can be an asset to your objectives. We then build a unique script that allows each agent handling your calls to be able to competently answer questions, assist with customer service concerns or schedule appointments. Once you approve our proposed script, we train our live agents and begin taking on your calls. As a result, you can rest assured that each of your calls will be answered while you continue to handle other aspects of your business.

What does Anserve’s call handling service include?

When you choose to work with Anserve’s call handling services, you are guaranteed to have access to a number of high-quality features that improves your businesses’ connection with its customers and gives you the time you need to handle your company’s affairs. With Anserve, our services include:

  • 24/7 answering service, so your calls are always picked up – even after hours
  • Holiday coverage
  • A specially customized script and organized protocol, allowing us to efficiently communicate with your clients
  • Coverage in the event of emergencies
  • Bilingual answering services to meet a broader customer base
  • The guarantee that every call will be answered by a live agent, fully trained to take on those calls efficiently and professionally

Call handling Training

How are live agents trained?

Anserve requires each of our live agents to go through an extensive call handling training before they begin taking on our clients’ calls. We teach each of our agents how to take on a variety of calls, from scheduling to customer service to general inquiries. We train them to interact with all callers in a positive, understanding and compassionate tone, and equip them with the tools needed to diffuse angry callers. In this way, we ensure that our agents protect your business and give you the best chance of giving your clients a positive customer service experience so that they return again and again.

Live agents are trained in HIPAA and PHI protocols

Anserve has a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry and how it is bound to HIPAA and PHI protocols designed to protect customer health care information. Our live agents are trained to understand these protocols in their call handling and answer all calls adhering to these legal standards. With Anserve you can rest assured that every call we handle on your behalf will be HIPAA and PHI compliant. As a value-add, all clients have the option for Anserve to communicate with them via, HIPAA-compliant, secure text messaging. We also regularly review these legal standards to stay apprised of any amendments to HIPAA and PHI regulations to ensure that if privacy protocols change, we can adapt our scripts to remain compliant and protect your patients’ privacy rights.

How can companies customize call handling scripts for Anserve to follow?

At Anserve, we have the call handling experience to put together a script for just about any client. Having said that, we certainly love getting feedback from our clients on how to respond and answer phone calls the way your business typically does. We feel that by working together, we can create a knowledge base about your business and combine our expertise to fieldcalls in a manner that helps you retain business and grow your company. We always welcome changes, suggestions or additions to our draft of your unique script.

Benefits of Anserve’s call handling Services

Having an answering service available to take your calls has more benefits than you can imagine. The most obvious benefit is that you can be confident that every single call that comes into your business will be answered with a polite and professional live agent. Not only does this connect your customers with a well-informed and experienced agent, but it leaves them with an excellent first impression of your commitment to customer service and open communication. Another benefit relates to the costly hiring process. Anserve can easily help you staff up in times of need. Outsourcing this vital service allows your teams to focus on their specialties and minimize the fluctuations in staff normally felt when an organization “tries to do everything” in-house. There are plenty of studies that show that customers who call and are sent to voicemail are less likely to call back, less likely to become repeat customers, and less likely to refer your business to others. Such negative outcomes can easily be avoided by working with Anserve, guaranteeing that call handling is untaken with the utmost professionalism. Reduce your hold times, reduce your missed calls and reduce the time spent deciphering voicemails.

Anserve’s call handling takes over seamlessly where your team leaves off!

No one knows your company as well as you do, but at Anserve, we do our best to get to know your company in a way that allows us to serve your customers over the phone just as effectively as your own team. We take over call handling services and the other tasks that flow from it – scheduling appointments or troubleshooting product issues – and allow you and your employees to stay focused on more of the ‘big picture’ items related to running your company. It’s our goal to make the transition as quick and as smooth as possible. With less phone-related distractions, and more happy customers, we’re confident that collaborating with Anserve will be one of the best business decisions you’ll make. Contact us today!