ATSI gala 2023

Anserve wins the 2023 ATSI Award of Excellence for the Ninth Straight Year

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ATSI AoE Top Ten 2023

Anserve Inc. was awarded the 2023 ATSI Award of Excellence by the Association of TeleServices International at their annual conference in Atlanta, GA. As a nine-time winner of the award, Anserve has been recognized with the organization’s Sapphire Award. The Award of Excellence is given annually to answering services that demonstrate great customer service in telephone answering. In addition, for the first time, Anserve was recognized as a Top Ten answering service in the industry!

”The AOE is not a competition against other answering services,” says ATSI President Jim Reandeau. “It is a tool to measure how well your business partner’s callers are being treated.” As such, the ATSI Award of Excellence evaluates calls handled by answering services and provides quality assessments of call answering and message delivery by neutral judges. Because all calls are evaluated by a third party, answering services get an honest appraisal of the quality of their services, including politeness and manners. ATSI contracts independent judges to monitor answering services over a six-month time period. Award of Excellence judges evaluate:

  • Response time
  • Courtesy
  • Accuracy
  • Knowledge of the client
  • Overall impression of the call

As a company, Anserve appreciates the industry recognition. “We are humbled and honored to have won this year’s Award of Excellence for a 9th year in a row. And proud to have placed among the top 10 ATSI winners,” says Anserve’s Quality Assurance Coordinator, Tricia Petroski. “The single most important element in our business remains the human voice,” she says. “We hear you, and we are here for you, anytime of the day or night.” Anserve is proud to have such a great team that is able to duplicate their success year after year.

Anserve has become the largest answering service in New Jersey, since being founded by husband-and-wife team, Bob and Nancy Ward, more than fifty years ago. Anserve now handles calls around the clock for over 1,400 clients across the country. Learn what this family-owned business can do for your business!