Anserve’s College Tuition Program

Company News

Anserve’s owners, the Ward family, firmly believe in the value of a college education. They feel that continuing education at the college level broadens horizons, enriches life, and provides intellectual stimulation and career advancement.

In order to encourage staff members to attend college, the Anserve College Tuition Program was established in 2003. The program is open to every Anserve employee whether full- or part-time. The employee can take any course and any major they wish at a recognized college. Anserve pays the entire semester’s tuition up front and the student must complete the course with a grade of C or better and remain an employee of Anserve to remain in the program. The program is designed to reward serious study, class attendance, and academic achievement. If the student gets an A, Anserve will pay 100% of the tuition. If the student gets a B, then Anserve will pay 75% and the balance is reimbursed to Anserve by a weekly payroll deduction. Anserve pays 50% of the tuition for a C.

Dozens of Anserve employees have availed themselves of the program in a wide variety of fields of study including Business, Psychology, Nursing, History, and English