Restoration Companies

Anserve’s Focus On Core Business Operations For Restoration Companies

What Services Are Included In Restoration Work?

Restoration companies provide a multitude of services, but most commonly, restoration companies are utilized in emergency response to severe weather, water, and fire damage. Restoration services often include cleaning, mold remediation, property security/board-up, and even data recovery and restoration. Restoration companies typically provide 24/7 emergency services. That’s why Anserve’s answering services are a perfect pairing; Anserve’s agents are on-call 24/7 to take calls no matter what time of day they come in.

Is The Restoration Industry Growing?

The restoration industry is growing exponentially. In a recent article published in Restoration & Remediation Magazine, the restoration industry has grown from 210 million dollars in 2020 to a current worth of 41.2 billion dollars. Restoration companies should expect growth to double in the next few years. Water damage and restoration alone, hold 40 percent of the current market. Statistically, the United States has experienced nearly three times more natural disasters than it did 50 years ago. Coupled with an aging infrastructure, the forecast for the restoration industry is expected to rapidly increase.

What Are The Five Main Components Of Restoration?

Restoration companies operate systematically. When performing a restoration project, five components are essential in the proper restoration of damaged property:

  1. Initial inspection and assessment of damages. This component of the restoration process will identify the extent of the damages, address safety and structural issues, and develop an effective restoration plan.
  2. Securing the property. This process involves several steps for restoration companies. For the safety of the property and the restoration workers, emergency repairs may be needed to secure by preventing further damage from structural degradation, removing hazards, providing protection from the elements, salvaging contents, and discouraging vandalism.
  3. Water removal, drying, and dehumidifying. Once the building is secure and valuables have been removed the next component of the restoration plan can be enacted. Extracting water, whether it is from flooding or from extinguishing a fire, is critical to restoring the property. Removing the water and completely drying the area is essential to preventing mold and removing unwanted odors from the afflicted areas.
  4. Remove debris and clean contents. Professional restoration companies utilize a variety of methods to clean and sanitize the property and its remaining contents. This component of the restoration process can present a number of challenges due to the nature of the disaster such as removing soot and ash from a fire to sludge and dirt from flooding. Also the elimination and decontamination of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are addressed in this component of the restoration.
  5. Repairs and Reconstruction. The final phase of the restoration is returning the facility back to its original form. From repairing the structural integrity to drywall repairs, painting, and reflooring, restoration companies strive to achieve the same aesthetics and functionality of the structure prior to incurring damages.

While the particular restoration plan can vary from case to case, these five essential components are critical for restoration companies to mitigate the effects of disasters to one’s property.

Restoration Answering Service

What’s The Difference Between Emergency Restoration Businesses And Restoration Companies?

Restoration companies focus on restoring your home to liveable conditions after it has been damaged through some sort of disaster such as a flood, fire, or accident. Emergency restoration companies are adept in quickly repairing and cleaning your home to provide you with the habitable shelter you were accustomed to prior to the disaster. Emergency restoration companies feature expert 24/7/365 full service that know how critical response time is to restoring your home or business. Anserve understands the critical nature of the restoration business and tailors answering services to specifically meet the needs of restoration companies.

What Are The Benefits Of Answering Services For Restoration Companies

Emergencies can happen anytime to anyone. Restoration companies paired with the 24/7 expertise of an answering service like Anserve can provide the ultimate in customer service. During times of crisis, an answering service is equipped with the ability to handle a high volume of calls and put your customers in contact with you in the most dire times. Anserve has created its specialized emergency restoration answering service that is tailored to the specific needs of restoration companies. Our service is fully customizable and features 24/7 availability and immediate response time.

Anserve Focuses On The Core Business Operations Of Restoration Companies

At Anserve, we focus on the specific needs of restoration companies. We utilize customized scripts and protocols specifically created for your business needs. Our highly trained agents will follow your script to provide your customers the best in customer service. Our agents are also capable of providing multilingual services for your customers. Your clients’ needs are our top priority and our agents’ protocols will put your restoration company ahead of the competition in customer service.

Anserve Offers Restoration Answering Services For Restoration Companies

Anserve puts over 50 years of expertise to use when interacting with your customers. Our passionate team of agents are industry leaders in customer service and provide fluent multilingual service to your customers in most stressful and critical times. Contact us today and learn how Anserve can better serve your restoration company.