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Anserve’s Partnership with the American Heart Association

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What is Cause Marketing?

The partnership of a business and a non-profit organization working together to achieve a common goal has come to be known as cause marketing. It can take the form of charitable events, pledges to donate money or another campaign for a cause. In many cases the for-profit corporation uses its resources and public platform to spread information about the charitable cause. In return, the corporation’s association with the non-profit boosts its public image and demonstrates a commitment to societal values and social responsibility.

Why is Cause Marketing Important?

There are several reasons why cause marketing is important for both corporations and for the non-profit. For the corporate partner, the biggest benefit is improving their corporate image by showing social responsibility and a commitment to improving the common good. Such collaborations can draw in additional customers and help a business stand apart from their competitors because they demonstrate a desire to promote a good cause. It can also strengthen the corporation’s ties with the community and boost employee morale because they work with a corporation that is connected to a good cause.

There are benefits for the non-profit as well. The non-profit can use the resources of the larger corporation to spread their mission and promote fundraising events that further their ultimate cause. This not only helps spread information about the non-profit and the issues they seek to address, but also preserves their own limited budget for other projects or expenses. The additional exposure may also garner more support for their cause and allows it to reach people in the community who might not otherwise hear about them.

What has Anserve done in Support of the American Heart Association?

Anserve has been involved in cause marketing via a longstanding partnership with the American Heart Association. Peter Toriello, Anserve’s Director of Business Development and member of the American Heart Association Executive Leadership Team summarizes the relationship. “Anserve has aligned with the longevity, reputation and dedication the American Heart Association has put forward to improving the lives of others,” he says. Anserve has supported the American Heart Association by engaging in fundraising events and raising awareness about the risk of heart disease. From Heart Walks to bike events, Anserve has raised thousands of dollars over the years for the American Heart Association. This valuable partnership has continued to fund the American Heart Association’s efforts to educate, prevent, and treat heart disease in the United States. However, the American Heart Association is not the only cause Anserve supports. During the holiday season, Anserve partners with local food pantries to stock shelves with a virtual food drive, for which employees can order items through Amazon and have them delivered directly to the collection point. These projects bring Anserve employees together, working toward a common goal.

What is the Mission of the American Heart Association?

The mission statement of the American Heart Association is simple: “Building healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.” However, the journey to achieving this mission is much more complicated than it sounds because the term heart disease refers to a number of heart-related ailments. Heart disease can be caused by hundreds of different things from diet to lifestyle choices to genetics, and every day, we are learning more about how to tackle these issues for healthier outcomes. Because of the work the American Heart Association does, more people learn about how to prevent heart disease, how to perform CPR, how to recognize signs of heart failure, and how to make lifestyle changes that decrease the risk of heart disease.

What does the Relationship with the American Heart Association mean to Anserve?

Heart disease is the number one cause of death for adults in the United States. Taking on such a rampant problem in our public health is no easy task. “The American Heart Association is a valued partner for the work they do,” says Toriello. “Moreover, it’s a relationship that allows Anserve to improve the lives of its own employees. We promote healthy lifestyles, increase awareness, and encourage a sustainable, philanthropic vibe.” Anserve is honored to participate in cause marketing and work with an organization that works tirelessly to continue to educate individuals about heart disease and provide resources to continue research on how to save lives.

What can Cause Marketing do for a Company’s Culture?

Cause marketing has two main benefits for company culture. It creates an opportunity for employees to engage in events outside of the typical day-to-day duties. Employees might be interested in participating in fundraisers, attending charity events, or participating in fundraisers or other awareness campaigns. These events are a break from the regular routine and can be a fun change of pace for employees. That is not the only benefit, however. By educating employees about a charitable endeavor, employers may also expose them to an issue that they care deeply about and wish to make a greater commitment.

What’s next for Anserve and the American Heart Association?

Fighting heart disease is a battle that never stops. Throughout the year, Anserve employees participate in awareness campaigns, like Heart Month each February, and the Heart Walk in October. Anserve’s cause marketing efforts in support of the American Heart Association produces a mutually beneficial relationship. In support of the AHA in the coming year, Anserve aims to increase its fundraising goals in efforts to increase donations in support of the American Heart Association’s important work. Learn more.