Professional Answering Service for Business Can Help with Special Deals

The daily deal sites that are popping up all over the net can be a great boost to any business. Offering a big discount to customers is usually a great way to boost sales in the short term while attracting new customers for the long term. But how does a company handle a 30% to 70% increase in phone calls for new business? An answering service for business is becoming a better solution for many of these companies. The answering service can provide a lot of solutions that turn the daily deal into a revenue making machine.

The daily deals appeal to most companies in the current economic crisis. When more customers call, visit a website or visit the actual store it can only drive up sales. But the increase in calls and emails can quickly overpower a business that only has one or two assistants answering a phone all day. Outsourcing the call work to an answering service for business can free up the assistants to handle other duties.

Another way that the answering service for business can benefit the merchant is collecting email addresses and proper phone numbers. The life blood of every company relies on its ability to stay in touch with customers. Whether it is offering a new product, informing them of a change in business hours or communicating a clearance sale, all companies have an inherent need to connect closely with their paying customers. People that buy from a company once are much more likely to buy from them again. By collecting the necessary contact information businesses can focus on making customers happy while the answering service for business focuses on the administrative duties.

Besides handling the new calls and emails, there is the problem with follow up. Most of the deals advertised on these websites are truly a losing offer for the business owner. The best way to optimize this surge in business is for the business owner to either focus on up-selling the new customers or institute a follow-up system to stay in touch with the new customers. Once again, a business with just one receptionist will likely not have the resources to handle this much work. But an answering service for business can devote people specifically to incoming calls and devote a separate team to making outbound calls and emails for follow up appointments.

Using an answering service for business can also provide specific tracking data for the business owner. The call center will have the ability to track all of the incoming information, whether it is by phone calls, hits on a website or direct email. With this type of information, the merchant can learn which deal is the most appealing to its customer base, what form of communication is used the most and whether or not certain limits have any effect on the deal. Tracking this kind of marketing data can empower the merchant with solid information the next time they prepare a new campaign to drive up sales or find new leads.