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Answering Services are the Perfect Solution in a Down Economy

Is the economy heading toward recession?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz that our economy may be heading towards another recession. We have seen remarkably high inflation, increasing interest rates and unreliable market trends that have many people worried that we could be heading towards some difficult economic time. The New York Times recently reported that economists share mixed feelings about how imminent an economic recession might be, with some projecting that the chance of a recession is less than 30%, but there is no denying that the current economic climate is worrisome. As a result, many small businesses are wondering what they can do to cut costs and protect themselves financially in case a recession does happen. One option that you may not have yet considered is hiring an answering service for your business. In this article, we explain why answering services for small business like Anserve can be the perfect solution in a volatile economy.

Hiring an answering service for business means 24/7 representation for your business

Whether the economy is thriving or struggling, one of the biggest benefits to an answering service is the fact that it will offer 24/7 customer services to your valued clients. Round the clock service means that you never have any missed calls and that your customers will always have someone available to communicate with them about their questions or concerns. Having an answering service for business available to field customer calls – even outside of regular operating hours – means that they are more likely to return for future business and will have a more positive customer service experience. In times of recession, when you may have to close early or open later to continue cutting costs, having an 24/7 answering service available is reassuring knowing that your difficult decision to limit operating hours won’t be detrimental to your clients.

Hiring an answering service means no missed calls/opportunities

In times of recession, it is essential that you get all the business you can get. Telephone calls are a great way of obtaining new business opportunities, either from repeat customers or from new referrals. Unfortunately, recessions can be crushing to small businesses, and your attention will likely be directed elsewhere as you try to keep your business afloat, and taking phone calls falls lower on the list of priorities. This of course can hurt your business in a recession because those calls are missed business opportunities that are vitally important when finances are extremely tight. With a small business answering service, you no longer need to worry about losing those opportunities and you can continue to focus on other aspects of your company.

Hiring an answering service allows businesses to outsource admin and receptionist roles

Having a receptionist can be very helpful to a growing small business, but they can be extremely expensive as well. This is especially the case when the sole role of your receptionist is to answer phone calls. Paying a full salary to someone who only works when the phone rings can be a significant waste of money, particularly in difficult economic times. Not only does working with a small business answering service cut down on the costs of receptionist salaries, but it can also reduce, or even eliminate, the training costs associated with training new employees. An answering service for businesses means you no longer have to spend time and money recruiting and hiring a new receptionist.

Anserve - Answering Services in a Down Economy

Hiring an answering service for business reduces costs

Reduced salary and training costs aren’t the only areas where you can save money with a small business answering service. By employing an answering service, you effectively downsize all of your customer service needs into one reliable source. All appointments, orders, returns, or general queries can be filtered through our answering services. There is no added expense for covering your calls after hours or on holidays or weekends. And there are no additional overtime costs. That level of coverage is all included in the service provided to you. Lastly, working with a small business answering service can save you money on the necessary technology or equipment needed to maintain a satisfactory customer service line. Phone systems, storage means, and security measures are no longer required. Not only do you save on the costs of purchasing those services, but you also save on all the maintenance that is also required to sustain them.

How can Anserve’s answering services support your business in a down economy

Anserve understands that recessions can be difficult on small businesses. The need to cut costs can lead you to having to make difficult decisions that you would rather not make. However, working with an answering service for business is an easy choice that will not only lower many operational costs, but can actually help make sure that you are maximizing your business opportunities when they are more difficult to come by. We tailor our answering protocols to each and every business, so we are fully prepared to handle all incoming calls from your customers at any time. Your customer service will be the key that keeps your clients coming back for more, and helps you outshine your competition when the going gets tough.