How to Balance a Fulltime Job and Startup Business with a Telephone Answering Service

Today, economic necessity and the desire for greater control over time and finances are leading millions to start their own business. Unfortunately, the demands on time for those working a full-time job as well as stay at home mothers running a house, raising kids and constantly running errands makes it difficult to grow that start-up or home-based business. Most of these overburdened budding entrepreneurs are unaware of the ways that a telephone answering service can affordably help them balance their full-time jobs while helping to grow their business.

Whether your startup business provides products online via an ECommerce store or services that require client interaction in the field, working a full-time job, running a household with family or both can make it impossible to find the time to grow the business. Working full-time in an office environment can be the most challenging when it comes to running your business. If you work in the field or have a flexible work schedule, it becomes easier.

If you’re working in an office environment, the first priority in terms of loyalty is to your full-time employer. You are likely already using your “spare time” to run your business. That “spare time” includes using lunch breaks and work commutes to work on your business.

The use of this spare time can encompass everything from marketing, social media and checking e-mail to making calls and setting appointments. If your startup requires interaction with customers, clients and vendors, answering phone calls can be a challenge that will either put your full-time job in jeopardy or stifle your start-up business’s growth.

The affordability of answering services can provide a live agent to answer the calls for your startup business and allow you to apply protocols for answering questions, order fulfillment and call prioritization that allows you to use your “spare time” more effectively. If you are running an ECommerce business, the myriad options of a telephone answering service can provide you with online live chat help desk features from a live agent or via email support and text messaging. You can utilize your “spare time” to keep track of discussions, interactions, sales leads and vendor inquiries via your smartphone.

Since today’s modern telephone answering service offers almost infinite customization and à la carte service functionality, you can take advantage of their technological infrastructure to affordably stay in contact with your customers and vendors during the day. These services allow you to provide a virtual assistant that can answer questions, fulfill orders and prioritize call emergencies.

Some answering services utilize apps that allow you to turn your smartphone into a dual messaging center/pager that allows you to structure voicemail, email and pager functionality without any IT infrastructure. These apps allow you to manage all incoming calls without having to constantly monitor your phone at work and create a divided work allegiance where your employer and your business suffer.

It’s important to keep in mind that answering services offer a broad range of services and technology that can make running your business much easier while still remaining affordable. These services that lessen the time it takes to perform important tasks are not only worth the investment in terms of growing your business’s bottom line, they are also tax-deductible, which increases its affordability.