Being Prepared for Summer’s Disasters with a Disaster Alert Program

Disaster preparedness

All across the country, spring and summer can be a time of great opportunity for businesses in terms of sales. Unfortunately, this time of year can also bring a higher rate of natural disasters depending on what part of the country a business is located. In order to maintain operations and customer communication during and after disaster periods, prepared businesses rely on an answering service with a disaster alert program.


Whether it is a retail location, service business, healthcare setting, or real estate business, disaster preparedness is a crucial part of keeping clients/customers informed while keeping a business operating during and following adverse circumstances. With possibilities ranging from severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and floods to wildfires and power outages due to heavy summer electrical usage, businesses must have contingency plans for keeping the lines of communication open.

With the 2015 Atlantic hurricane season kicking off in June, east coast businesses must have well developed emergency plans including a disaster alert program in place in the event of the worst-case scenario. By working with a leading answering service in NJ, businesses closest to the state’s coast can have 800 numbers in place so that clients and customers can still reach them if phone service becomes interrupted or the business is forced to temporarily close due to dangerous high tides and possible flooding.

In addition, businesses can create specialized messages for their clients and customers that provide specific instructions and details about their services or what to do during these events. This is a vital tool for everything from medical practices and service businesses to a wide variety of business types.

Property management firms that are responsible for everything from commercial to multi-tenant residential properties must have ways to provide operational information to tenants both during and after a natural disaster such as flooding, severe weather, or fire. Having a property management answering service that can immediately adapt to the needs of multiple properties in terms of incoming calls from tenants can help to keep people calm and safe with instructions while providing an ability to handle call overflow.

For many parts of the country, the summer is the start of wildfire season. This brings the need to keep clients and customers informed about service contingency plans due to encroaching wildfires on commercial and residential districts in which they operate. Areas of the country that are located in flood plains also deal with unique disaster planning needs. Businesses that provide vital services to their clients ranging from electrical, plumbing and general contracting to disaster mitigation and health services all have need to be able to communicate with their clients in the event of such disasters.

The ability to have informed live agents who can keep callers calm while providing vital information on when and how the business can help in the moments and days after these disasters is a vital part of customer service that defines a business. The time for businesses to address these issues is before a disaster is even on the horizon so that when an event does happen, the answering service plan can immediately be put into action.

For these businesses, this can be about much more than just protecting the bottom line. It is about protecting the lives and livelihoods of their customers and clients in direct and indirect ways.