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What Are the Benefits of an Answering Service for Small Business?

In the business world, phone calls are a very important means of communication. As companies go about the business of generating sales and trying to make profits, there may not be time to answer every call. Most companies have full or part-time receptionists available to answer their calls during normal business hours, but what happens during holidays, after hours, or when the office is closed? Every call is a possible client or customer desiring to buy your product or service, so missing calls is definitely not a good business practice. An answering service for small businesses is the perfect solution to ensure every call is received, recorded, and followed up by a telephone answering service representative.

Missed Connections? Telephone Answering Services Can Help

“Many people hang up on voice mail because they know in the majority of cases that no one will call them back. If one is trying to get new customers and has a machine all they have to do is count the “clicks” (hang-ups) to know how many calls and sales opportunities they missed.”

Remember back when you would call someplace and get a real live operator? You know, the good old days, when you could speak to a live person, even if it wasn’t the one for whom you were calling? The twenty-first century has brought us a huge boom in technology, some of it is great and wonderful, and some of it not so much. One of the digital generation’s greatest faux pas, by far, is the advent of the voice-activated menu. I’d rather reach a telephone answering service. At least then, I KNOW someone is getting the message. I know someone is hearing me. A telephone answering service for small businesses is a group of highly trained, qualified professionals who do nothing but provide telephone answering services. That’s it. That’s all they do, day and night, every day. Companies providing business telephone answering services have gathered and honed the skills of hundreds of operators who know what they’re doing. Gone are the days of: “To hear this menu in English, press one, Para escuchar este menú en español, presione el número dos.” There’s no longer a need to sit with the phone pressed to your ear for half an hour waiting on hold just to be thrown into another queue, or worse yet, to be suddenly asked by a top-of-the-line TI-82 to leave a message after the beep. An answering service connects you to a real live person, who will take your message down verbatim, and deliver it to the appropriate person at the very nearest opportunity. There’s no waiting, no pacing the room with the phone pressed to your ear, no switching arms as one, then the other, goes numb. If the person you are trying to reach is unavailable, the answering service always is. As an added bonus, an answering service for small businesses NEVER makes you wait an hour to reroute you to a machine that will tell you “the inbox for the person you are calling is full, please try again later. Goodbye. (click).” THAT is infuriating!

But a machine guarantees my message will be heard exactly as I said it.

Does it? Are you sure about that? One of the major disadvantages of a machine is that you can never be certain if it’s working properly. We all know that sometimes it isn’t. What if you’re calling a doctor’s office and you’re distraught because you’re uncertain whether or not you have an emergency? Wouldn’t you rather reach a telephone answering service that could clearly understand you, even ask questions to obtain more information, and if need be, contact that doctor immediately? Or let’s say you’re calling a purveyor for your business, and you need a question about your order answered by noon the next day. Can you be certain a machine or inbox will be checked in time for your message to be delivered? A telephone answering service can. Or, maybe you speak Spanish, and your English is a bit rusty. Phone answering services, more often than not, have bilingual operators available. There’s no guarantee that the person playing your message from a machine understands Spanish. There’s not even a guarantee that they’ll check their messages. An answering service for small businesses will hand deliver your message directly to the person for whom it’s intended.

Knowledge of Small Businesses and Customers

There are several benefits of using an answering service to respond to your business calls in a timely, professional manner. One of the key benefits of using an answering service for small businesses is the familiarity of the telephone answering service with the small businesses. With a roster of similar clients, the answering service for small businesses is usually experienced with the type of company they are servicing. Small businesses can take comfort in knowing their calls are being handled by a reputable company that is familiar with how small businesses operate.

Improved Customer Call Handling

Another benefit of using an l answering service for small businesses is the convenience of having all telecommunication needs handled at all times. There are multiple ways for telephone answering service representatives to track and deliver calls to their customers. Customers can receive calls by several methods, including text, voicemail, and fax to email. At Anserve, you benefit from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week answering services by a live agent. Call representatives answer calls on the first ring to insure immediate assistance. When onsite staff goes home for the evening, calls are conveniently transferred to the competent care of Anserve call representatives.

An answering service for small businesses like Anserve has a proven track record that customers appreciate and depend on to handle all of their call servicing needs. When a business has maintained the same ownership for almost fifty years, it speaks volumes about the company’s leadership and strong phone service that has been a mainstay in the telecommunications industry. If you are looking for an answering service to handle all things concerning your telecommunication needs, trust one of the top telephone answering service companies in New Jersey to do the job.

You can have round-the-clock professional telephone answering service at your fingertips with the help of the small business answering service experts at Anserve. Contact an Anserve representative to learn more.