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Budgeting for a Call Center in the New Year

How is Call Center Pricing Determined?

There are several factors that go into determining pricing for call center services, but it depends primarily on how you want the call center to interact with your business. Most call centers operate like a subscription service – the business communicates the scope of phone coverage and services needed, and the call center will generate a quote for those services. The cost will fluctuate based on factors like how many agents will be needed to cover your calls, the scope of calls the agents will be required to cover, whether specialized software will be needed to connect to your business’ systems, how many minutes agents spend on the phone with your customers, and any outbound calling fees.

How can Call Center Services save your Business Money?

The ways that call center services can help you save money are innumerable. One of the biggest ways is that it frees up business funds needed to employ individuals to take calls. Minimum wages are rising across the country, and paying an entire salary plus training and benefits is a significant amount of money, especially for a small business, just to have someone available to answer phones. However, the benefits don’t end there. Providing your customers with 24/7 customer service with well-trained agents increases the chances that this customer will either return for future business or refer your services to another person. Put differently, you save money by avoiding lost business opportunities when you work with a call center.

How is Anserve’s Pricing Structure for Call Center Services Different?

Anserve proudly puts its customers first, and we have built a call center pricing structure that we think not only sets us apart from the competition, but also reflects that principle. First of all, Anserve’s invoices are sent monthly (12x per year), rather than every 28 days like some other services. This gives our clients a predictable timeline of when to expect invoices. Also, companies billing you on 28-day-cycles will end up sending you 13 invoices in one year. Further, we create billing plans based on a number of factors, not just call volume, which allows for more affordable call plans. Every plan includes holiday coverage and electronic messaging, so there are no add on or surprise fees on your bill. Finally, we allow flexibility with our pricing structure, allowing clients to move from one plan to another to suit their budget.

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What are the Benefits of Outsourced Call Center Services?

There are two main benefits to outsourcing your call center services. First, it can save your business overhead costs related to staffing individuals to only take phone calls. That is a significant investment to make especially if that person does not have other tasks (or alternatively, can’t handle those other tasks because they take on too many incoming phone calls). The other benefit is that a call center can increase your business’s reputation as a company that provides excellent customer service. This is because you know that every call is answered and handled with a customer service specialist trained to handle problems and diffuse frustrated clients. Having such a reputation will not only prevent lost business, but also will generate new business from customers keen on working with a reputable organization.

How does Hiring Call Center Services Reduce Costs?

Call center services can not only help you gain and retain business, it can also reduce costs within the business. If you do not work with a call center, you will likely have to divert your own resources to ensuring that your phone calls are taken and properly handled. There are costs associated with that work. When you hire someone, you have to pay salaries and benefits, invest in their training, and divert manpower away from other day to day tasks to make time for answering phone calls. Not to mention, every time one of these employees leaves your business, you must reinvest that time and those costs to train a new individual. Alternatively, some businesses may choose to outsource their administrative or receptionist duties, which similarly can stack up costs. In all, a call center is a much better choice because the call center absorbs the costs related to salaries and training and lessens your overall financial burden.

Now is the Time to Plan Call Center Services for the New Year! Contact Anserve for a detailed quote.

It is the time of the year that many businesses are looking at their finances and trying to determine ways to cut back on costs. Anserve can be the answer you need to help you meet your budget for 2023 or create more opportunities to make the investments in your business you’ve been wanting to make. With the new year just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reach out to Anserve to see how we can help improve your customer service needs, free up your company resources, save on extraneous costs, and even boost your business in the upcoming year. If you want to learn more about how Anserve can help you, contact us today in order to get a quote and to see all the ways that our call center services can help you come in on budget for the New Year!