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Call Center Quality Assurance: How Live Agents Help Callers


Companies Anticipate Certain Questions, But What Happens When The Caller Asks Something Else?

Customer service is essential for success. When partnering with an answering service like Anserve, call center quality assurance is an important component in building outstanding customer service. Highly trained live agents utilize proactive scripts to create positive customer interactions. However, when the caller has inquiries that go beyond the script, live agents can accommodate a vast spectrum of questions and problems by deploying their creativity and problem-solving skills. Evaluating and improving quality assurance will keep your customer service at the pinnacle of customer satisfaction.

What’s Involved In Call Center Quality Assurance

When selecting your answering service, it is critical that the company you plan to use as the frontline for customer service has a dedicated quality assurance team. Few answering service companies review or implement quality assurance strategies. Anserve sets itself apart from the competition by focusing on call center quality assurance. The success of your business is driven by the communication with the customer. That communication provided by your call center is crucial and must be assessed regularly to maintain the highest level of quality assurance.

Quality Assurance

Call center quality assurance establishes a consistent and measurable delivery of services. Through active assessment and monitoring, your answering service will be in compliance and ultimately achieve the positive brand image that you are striving for. Quality assurance is applied through implementing several steps:

  1. Define and set clear objectives.
  2. Provide and utilize the proper technology.
  3. Develop rubrics and scorecards to assess and measure agents’ performance.
  4. Collaborate with agents within the quality assurance process.
  5. Review, evaluate, and analyze data.
  6. Be dynamic, continuously improving and evolving to meet customers’ needs.

An effective call center quality assurance program will keep your enterprise operating efficiently while strategically meeting its customers’ needs.

Anserve’s Live Agents Follow Scripts And Protocols To Ensure Call Center Quality Assurance

An Anserve live agent is highly trained to achieve the greatest level of call center quality assurance through the use of carefully developed scripts and protocols. Creating effective and efficient customer to agent communication is key to customer satisfaction. Such proactive planning eliminates dead air and provides for positive experience. The scripts and protocols used by Anserve agents are developed in conjunction with our clients to provide:

  • Consistent communication
  • Minimizes errors
  • Promotes agents’ confidence
  • Increased business/brand image

An agent that has effective scripts and protocols at their disposal is a very powerful tool in promoting your enterprise.

What Are Some Techniques Live Agents Use To Ensure Call Center Quality Assurance?

Call center quality assurance is commonly assessed by metrics and data collection; however live agents can ensure even higher levels of quality by employing several techniques. Through mentoring, coaching, and education, live agents can be critical factors in bolstering quality assurance. Several quality assurance techniques agents utilize are:

  • Active listening skills
  • Tone, rate, and vocabulary
  • Proper introductory and concluding remarks and comments
  • Etiquette
  • Exercising emotional intelligence
  • Building rapport with customer
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Managing customer expectations

Anserve - Start Phrases

By identifying, monitoring, and evaluating the techniques used by live agents, call center quality assurance can be a valuable asset in improving customer satisfaction and incentivising agents.

Anserve’s Call Center Quality Assurance Department Works To Educate Clients On Customizations To Their Scripts And Protocols

Anserve’s call center quality assurance not only builds industry leading communication for its clients, but can be ever-valuable in creating effective and efficient scripts and protocols. Collecting and analyzing data through recording calls and gathering metrics can aid in improving customer service, yet call center scripts and protocols can provide information and services to customers in a concise and clear manner. A cooperative effort between the client and the call service can increase customer satisfaction by recalibrating the agents scripts and protocols. Clients who provide frequently asked questions and their answers help call center agents serve callers better. This additionally helps alleviate redundancy for the business when callers reach them during regular business hours.

Not All Answering Services Have A Call Center Quality Assurance Department. Anserve does.

It’s imperative when selecting a business answering service that they have a call center quality assurance program. When the first impression of your brand and your customer service is in the hands of a live agent, you want to enlist the services of a company recognized by Association of TeleServices International (ATSI) as a Top Ten company in the industry. Anserve brings 55 years of experience and its award-winning quality assurance program to work for you. Contact us today to learn how our industry leading standards can provide you and your customers the highest quality in customer satisfaction.