businesses choose call answering

Why People Are Choosing Call Answering

It is true, the call center and answering service industry is experiencing growth.  The main reason companies are choosing call answering is for the customer experience. It is essential to have excellent customer satisfaction, and the fact that more customers now, than ever, would prefer to call a company for support and speak to a live person. Most consumers feel that they receive better customer support when talking to a live attendant instead of experiencing frustration with an automated phone system, or waiting for a response to their email.


Customer Support’s Answer?

Over 3/4 of consumers would prefer to contact a customer service center over the telephone, because they feel their issue will be resolved better and faster via phone, by speaking to a live person. In fact, over 80% of consumers think talking to a live agent over the phone is the best way to resolve their issue. This is becoming a challenge for businesses because it is one of the most expensive ways to provide customer support. That is why an answering service, like Anserve, is the solution to this costly customer preference is becoming the normal way that companies and businesses offer support to their customers. By outsourcing their customers’ request to speak to a live person, they can keep their costs low while providing excellent customer satisfaction.


Difference Between an Automated Phone Support System, a Call Center, and an Answering Service?

An automated phone system (non-live attendant) is a robotic system where you input your customer ID and answer multiple prompts before the customer is correctly routed to the department to where they will eventually speak to a live person. This system can be very frustrating for customers. Next, a call center is a large organization dedicated to answering tens of thousands of phone calls, typically agent the quality is not as good as an answering service. Answering services are smaller call centers that are dedicated to providing quality phone support for the businesses for which they answer.


Do You Choose Answering Services Over the Others?

Rather than having a large call center outsourced call center where agents are tripping over language barriers to provide little attempts at technical support or other customer issues, an answering service native to the customers of the company using the answering service can provide sophisticated support like never before. Virtual receptionists can answer FAQ’s, provide support on a multifaceted level, and even help businesses retain business and obtain new business.  For more information on Anserve’s call answering service, fill out the quick quote online to receive personalized information for your business.