Disaster Preparedness and the benefits of using an Answering Service

Disaster preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a vital part of many business and government continuity plans.  Answering services can play a vital role in keeping communications open during a natural disaster.  For example, a government agency in Florida can use an answering service located in the midwest to handle their calls if a hurricane hits.  The government agency may be evacuated and the employees could be spread throughout the region but the calls can still be answered because the answering service in the midwest is unaffected by the hurricane.  The government agency can use the answering service as a tool to keep their employees and residents up to date on variety of topics such as openings/closings, emergency shelter locations, etc.

Answering services can also help a local business when a disaster on a smaller scale occurs such as fire or flood.  For example, if a doctors office is destroyed by a fire, their answering service can still field patient and employee calls.  Answering services can play an important role in a business or government continuity plan on both a large and small scale.