Does Your Organization Have an Answering Service for Business in the Wake of a Disaster?

Disaster preparedness

It seems that 2011 has been rocked with natural disasters. Tornadoes, floods and hurricanes have filled the news throughout the year. Homes have been destroyed, lives damaged or ruined and businesses have faced the reality of starting over. In the event of a natural disaster is your company properly ready? One overlooked tool could be an answering service for business to help with a variety of tasks.

Basic Information

Some organizations, such as public utilities and medical facilities, do not have the luxury of off time. Although their central office may close for weekends and holidays, the primary work of the facility must continue. But what happens if there is a flood that keeps people from getting into the office? Where do people report for duty? This is where the answering service for business can really come in handy. Having a dedicated toll free number designed to allow people to call in and hear a recorded message indicating a temporary office or even assignment of duties can really help.

Notify Public of Changes

This type of service can also be a great way to keep the public informed of changes as well. In the case of a power outage, residents can call an 800 number and find out when power is expected to be returned. For medical facilities, people can call and find out the anticipated wait time for emergencies, if the facility has moved to a temporary location and whether or not prescriptions are being filled on-site or at another location. And all of this can be handled by a simple recording from the answering service for business so that operators can handle more pressing calls.

Offer Assistance for Employees

Most answering service for business can also set up assistance to help employees get their job done remotely. For instance, some software companies operate large offices with customer service representatives standing by to take calls and emails from their thousands of customers. But what happens if the office of the customer service department is damaged by a natural disaster. An answering service for business can set up temporary voicemail boxes and also receive and redirect email messages. This could allow employees to work from home or another location in order to keep their customers served while operations are restored to normal.

Pass Along Helpful Information

One of the main sources of confusion and frustration that occurs during a major disaster is the lack of information available to the general public. With so many radio stations and social media outlets, it can be difficult to get the message out to everybody about a place for temporary shelter, food or clothing. Having a message at a major source, such as a power utility office, could help get the word out quickly about locations of proper resources and give people driving directions if necessary.

Facing a major disaster can be tough mentally, physically and financially. Having the availability of an answering service for business can provide a lot of help and allow companies to overcome some obstacles in order to keep their customers served.