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Increasing Power Outages Across The US: How Emergency Answering Services Can Help

Why Power Outage Crises are on the Rise Across the US?

Americans in every state have faced some kind of power disruptions. According to researchers, as natural disasters get more frequent and more severe due to climate change, power loss becomes a more frequent occurrence. In addition, the demand for electricity and power are rising as a result, which puts pressure on our centuries-old electrical grids. As a result, the power grids tend to fail in times of extreme weather.

A recent related report claims that 83% of power related issues between 2000 and 2021 were caused by extreme weather conditions. The report also says Texas has seen the most power outages since 2000 than any other state, followed by Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California.

Increasing Power Outages Across The US

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In February 2021, severe cold and freezing temperatures led to a power outage crisis in Texas. There were several factors that led to the power crisis in Texas in February of 2021. Despite the claims by some politicians that certain energy industries were responsible for the massive loss of power, the real reason lies in the unique design of the Texas power grid. At the time of the power crisis, the Texas grid was not connected to the much larger federal array, meaning it could not supplement its grid when there was a power shortage. Because the Texas system had no backup grids connected, millions of people lost power. Furthermore, the Texas power system’s pipelines, windmills, and other sources of energy were not properly winterized before the storms, which effectively slowed down or disabled many of the alternate sources of energy for the grid. In addition, multiple power outages were reported in California from 2019 – 2021 due to wildfires.

Extensive Power Outage

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Why is an Emergency Answering Service Vital During an Extensive Power Outage?

Emergency answering services like those offered by Anserve are absolutely essential to keeping your business running smoothly in the event of an extensive power outage or other emergency. The emergency answering services offered by Anserve are available 24/7 and will help customers get in contact with you and your business while you deal with other problems that may have arisen from the crisis. Even if your business is without power or phone service or access to the internet, our agents are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any customer calls and queries directed to your business.

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How is Anserve Prepared to Keep Answering the Phone During Large Scale Power Outages?

Anserve is well staffed and equipped to handle any calls your business may receive in an emergency. One of the best features that Anserve offers is its emergency answering services, powered by over a hundred skilled phone operators. Many of our operators are bilingual, and our company offers multilingual services, to help your business reach a multitude of demographics. We also offer services, like appointment scheduling to ensure you do not miss any potential sales because of the emergency situation you find yourself in.

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What Technology Does Anserve Have to Continue Answering Phones?

Anserve’s emergency answering services utilize many different types of technology to help ensure your business’ phone calls are being answered despite the local conditions. Anserve’s main headquarters is powered, in part, by our very own solar panel system. If there is an interruption in power from local utilities, Anserve instantly switches to an alternate on-site generator powered by natural gas for a seamless transition in call service and business continuity. Data for Anserve’s clients is stored at a colocation, with temperature controls, auxiliary power, ample bandwidth, and physical security to protect sensitive data.

Anserve’s Telephone Answering Services are Designed for Emergency Situations.

It’s difficult to be a small business owner trying to juggle clients and appointments, but it gets even harder in the event of an emergency. Many business owners struggle to make ends meet and losing valuable customers can have a drastic impact on your business. Therefore, Anserve’s emergency answering services are a valuable asset to you and your business. Instead of having to worry about any missed business opportunities because of the emergency, you can instead focus your time and resources on dealing with the emergency at hand.

How Anserve will keep Answering Calls When Your Employees Can’t

It can be very difficult (and in some cases dangerous) for you and your employees to travel to work in extreme weather conditions or if there are issues with the transportation infrastructure. . When you choose Anserve’s emergency answering services, our skilled operators will monitor your phones for your business so that you can focus on staying safe. No matter what time the phone call comes in, we will be standing by to assist your customers and schedule appointments so that your business can keep operating even during an emergency or severe weather conditions. Contact Anserve today to learn more about how our emergency answering services can keep your business operating without skipping a beat!