Fielding calls and relaying messages: services at the core of small business answering services

When you’re looking to contract with a phone answer service, keep in mind that not all are alike. Anserve America, the largest call center in New Jersey, is able to provide a wider range of services than smaller outfits, and this range of services will bring many benefits to small businesses.

The service we’d like to focus on in this post is the service that started it all for companies that provide small business answering services: fielding calls and taking and relaying messages. Years ago, this was about all these agencies did, and we believe we’ve perfected the system.

A company engaged in phone answer services should have ample staff for the phones and experienced management staff to keep operations running smoothly. It should also provide bilingual phone agents because without this service, the agency’s clients stand to lose a very large percentage of the market.

It must invest in the latest telecommunications equipment across the many areas necessary to run an efficient small business answering service. If a company foregoes investment in this technology, it’s cheating its clients by not providing the most effective and fast ways to do business.

Phone answer services have to hire the right people and train them to be polite and courteous on the phones. They have to supply them with accurate materials and resources that guide them in exactly how to deal with callers for a given client. These clients expect a lot, so phone agents have to be able to perform.

In the area of message taking and delivery, small business answering services need automation and a proven system for success. The best services will automatically fax or e-mail your messages to you at any place in the United States at no cost. This can be done at pre-arranged times or at your request, i.e., on-demand.

This is an important phone answer service for all clients but especially for certain ones. Doctors, dentists, attorneys, plumbers, contractors, and the like could have urgent or emergency calls coming in at all hours. For these cases, phone agents must be able to take exact messages and get them relayed quickly and automatically.

Personalized attention is a final factor when you’re evaluating the quality of a call center operation. At Anserve, when someone calls who is interested in our phone answer services, they speak to the owner and president, not a salesperson. In every business sector, the companies that win out over the others are often the ones who take every customer and prospect seriously and treat them with respect and professionalism.

Since 1968, Anserve America has offered small business answering services to a diverse clientele. We operate in Butler, N.J., from a modern 12,000 square foot facility and work on state-of-the-art digital Pinnacle hardware and software, and the world renowned CenturiSoft voicemail system. If you have any questions about how our services can help you be more successful, don’t hesitate to call (800) 980-9770 and talk to our president. You can also contact us through our website.