How a Live Answering Service Can Be the Source of Valuable Customer and Business Data

Today, the success of your business hinges on how much you know about your customers and their interactions with your business. This data allows you to make changes that are geared to anticipating their needs and problems while eliminating roadblocks to successful transactions. Today, a great deal of that information can be derived from your live answering service.

Progressive phone answering services are geared to interacting with your customers over multiple channels ranging from their smartphone, the Web via online chat, social media and customer outreach via targeted surveys. Each of these channels of interaction with customers provides a wealth of data that is delivered by the customer as well as data that can be gathered by the live answering service agent.

Your live voice answering service agent is in the perfect position to gather valuable data via their interactions with your customers during a phone call or live chat. This can range from previously unknown procedural problems that lie at the heart of a commonly dissatisfied customer experience to Website errors that hamper navigation and transaction completion. Consequently, this information can be used to make actionable, operational changes that make an immediate impact in a short time period.

On the other hand, by reviewing the recorded customer interactions with the live agent, businesses can capture direct feedback from the customer relating to their experience. In fact, you can plan for obtaining this valuable feedback by incorporating appropriate questions into the scripting that you provide to your live answering service. This can be expanded to include outgoing calls whereby you create survey questions that can provide more specific and granular data regarding customer experience, wants, and concerns.

Each of these scenarios involving your live phone answering service allows your business to collect data that can be used to improve the customer experience in countless ways. These include helping to increase customer satisfaction, transactional speed, and ultimately the bottom line for the business.

Today, these processes can be put in place with the help of your live answering service so that you have a much clearer picture of your customer as well as your business communications. The result is a constant influx of actionable data to make improvements that benefit your customer base and your business.