How a Live Answering Service Can Increase Overall Sales

Live Answering Service

Although every business owner is aware of the statistics on the difficulty of acquiring new customer verses keeping an existing one, few are engaging solutions that can keep customers and increase sales. While a 24×7 answering service can play a vital role in answering customer questions and order fulfillment, it can also play a role in increasing sales and retaining customers.

Incentivized Upselling

The majority of customer that call your business support line for order fulfillment or questions regarding a product provide a unique opportunity to add related or support items to their order. This is a delicate process that requires a well-informed live phone agent that is equipped with all of the information on a product and how consumers use the product. By creating scripting that looks for certain product questions or orders, a live answering service agent can inform the consumer about potentially needed items based on their questions.

By incentivizing this process through reduced cost or bundle offers, the business can ensure that the offer is taken as a help to the consumer rather than an attempt to just sell them more products. This opportunity can be just as viable after normal business hours as the consumer may be more flexible and responsive to the benefits that are offered by a live support person that is helpful, friendly, and informed.

24/7 Online Lead Management

The 24/7 world is the one in which service providers as well as retail businesses must operate. When a potential customer has a question that may come at any time of day or night, a live agent is the only way to ensure that they will not go to the next business on their list.

By being able to respond to those enquiries immediately with a knowledgeable live person, retail and service businesses in particular are essentially engaging an effective lead management system. The live answering service representative is in a great position to discuss your services, schedule an appointment and ensure that you receive the details. Even when a caller is merely making an enquiry or asking questions, adding them to the business’s CRM database allows for the development of a growing list of potential clients that can be contacted at a later date with offers that are more likely to result in sales conversions.