How a Real Estate Answering Service and Property Management Answering Service can Eliminate Sales Lead Conversion Mistakes

Real estate as well as in property management, converting a sales lead often comes down to prompt communication. In order to increase this conversion margin, these companies must have an aggressive plan that utilizes every means at their disposal to eliminate mistakes that can cost a sales conversion.

Closing most sales in real estate is dependent on the promptness and accuracy of the agent’s follow-up. In a business where the effective agent is seldom in the office, this means that they must provide a way to promptly receive notification of calls in the field as well as full details of the call so that they can promptly return them.

An answering machine is the bane of the agent’s existence because nothing cools a hot lead like having to leave a message to an automated machine. While the firm may have an in-office receptionist, they are often engaged in other duties for the firm or frequently engaged with another caller when a second or third call comes in.

It is almost always a mistake to let a call go to voicemail, so the firm with a real estate answering service is capable of ensuring that each call receives a friendly and informed interaction with a live voice. The call service agent’s ability to both answer and ask questions will elicit far more information than what the caller would likely provide to an answering machine. Consequently, they can first help to lay the groundwork for a sales conversion via being friendly, and secondly by asking questions and providing crucial answers.

In the field, a real estate agent is often likely to be on the phone as well as they juggle other clients while moving from one location to another. They may also be fully engaged in closing a sale or involved in a showing with a client.

Just as the office personnel would likely be making a sales conversion mistake by letting a call go to voicemail, so too would the real estate agent in the field. With a specialized real estate answering service, the agent can ensure that their calls will go to the service when they are otherwise engaged in the field or on the phone. Likewise, they can be assured that the service will make a prompt follow-up call to them so that they can quickly engage the potential client.

The same scenarios hold true for property management firms whether they are managing commercial properties or residential properties such as apartment complexes. The staff for these property management firms is often no more than three people. While one may be directly responsible for fielding calls, they often have other duties as well. The other staff members are constantly engaged in either closing a rental sale, engaged in a showing, or managing a tenant’s concern. Making the mistake of not being immediately available for every caller can be the death knell for conversion or the first blow that leads to the loss of a tenant.

This is where a qualified property management answering service can fill the void by not only fielding calls form tenants and leads during the day, but in the potentially more critical time after regular business hours. By ensuring that every call is answered by someone that has knowledge of the properties as well as direct access to available information, maintenance protocols, and key personnel, the property management answering service is able to increase the firm’s bottom line. This is accomplished by effectively increasing caller satisfaction through prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable action coupled with relevant answers.