How Having an Answering Service for Small Business During Holidays Helps the Bottom Line

The approaching holiday season is not only the busiest time of year for businesses it is the most crucial time of year in terms of the bottom line. Being busy in the last quarter is not the exclusive province of retail businesses as professionals and those in the service industry are also dealing with more calls. All of these businesses can benefit from answering services during the holiday season to help manage the many facets of customer communications.

While all small businesses deal with spikes in business throughout the year, most are short and fairly unpredictable. The holiday season is one time of the year when small businesses know that they will see an increase in customer calls.

Today, every business is utilizing their Web presence as an equal or primary means of sales contact with their customer base. While this potentially opens up the business to customers from around the globe, the holidays mean that the need for customer interaction via telephone or online will also increase.

Having an answering service for small business can take the load off of your employees so that customers can get most or all of their questions answered from a call center agent. This can span everything from hours of operation and billing questions to product questions and order fulfillment.

Professionals as well as service providers ranging from doctors and dentists to plumbers, electricians and beyond are also prone to heavier calls during the holiday season. The truth is that these are often urgent or even emergency calls which require immediate attention. More often than not, they come at a time when the service provider is already in the field or after business hours.

Answering services can provide the knowledgeable voice on the other end of the phone to answering general questions, and based on need, route calls while also setting appointments so that customers get the personal attention that they strongly desire. Although this is true any time of year, the need becomes even more acute at holiday times where small businesses are already stretched thin in terms of personnel.

Even as the economy recovers for many businesses, adding holiday employees is still less of an option than in years past. Even when businesses can afford the extra help, the hours must be minimized and the work must go beyond answering the phone to other important physical tasks such as in-store sales and product stocking. Answering services can bridge the gap in terms of having that extra employee to field calls and answer customer questions in a highly cost effective way so that holiday hires can concentrate on other tasks, which makes them more cost effective as well.

No matter whether your small business is retail, direct seller, professional or a service provider, answering services for small businesses can be the answer to increased customer satisfaction at a time of year when employees are busier than ever. By having customized answering services, small businesses can cost effectively increase their bottom line during the all-important holiday season while ensuring that every customer has the prompt, courteous, and informed personal attention that keeps them coming back as lifelong customers.