How Secure Messaging Can Benefit Your Business

Text Messaging

Although most business owners have an office, those whose businesses require them to be in the field don’t spend much time in them. If you’re one of these business owners, you may already use a business answering service to handle incoming customer calls. But have you considered how secure messaging can provide added benefits to your business?

Construction worker answering text

Service-oriented businesses like electricians, plumbers, real estate, and medical practices are a few examples of businesses that need additional customer support. A live call agent from your business answering service plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between you and your customers while you’re in the field or otherwise engaged.

Businesses can provide a high level of customer service to keep customers satisfied and retention rates high by having knowledgeable representatives answer incoming calls on the first ring. This prevents you as the business owner from spending too much time listening to voicemails and returning calls every time you get back into the office.

Taking this one step further with text answering services, a live agent can send you a text message that you can access on your smartphone to provide you with the information from incoming calls. This can be far more conducive to your daily schedule in the field as a quick glance at your texts can tell you what you need to know. Of course, this is only the first of many benefits of utilizing secure texting.

Another benefit is that the live agent from your business answering service can be automatically notified when you read the text message. This is a useful feature when you have contingency protocols in place for unread text messages. For instance, if the message goes unread by you for an hour, you could have the text transferred to a designated employee who can return the call. Another option would be to have the live agent call the customer/client back to make arrangements for you to return the call later, or to get further information. You can also reply to the live agent, which gives you the flexibility to enact a specific contingency protocol immediately.

The best benefit of secure messaging is right in the name “secure messaging.” For medical professionals especially, answering services that take patient calls must have experience in dealing with medical offices. Of equal importance is the capability to ensure that all information is kept secure and confidential in order to conform to HIPAA privacy rules.

Today, the most technologically advanced answering services have the capability to save messages and incoming calls on a secure server for an extended period of time. This capability also includes the ability to ensure that your smartphone does not store data from text messages. This is because it is actually accessed on the secure server from the business answering service. Additional safeguards, such as providing the business owner with a password and ID, means that no one but the recipient can access the text message on the server.

It can be difficult to take care of business in the field while simultaneously taking care of business from incoming callers. Secure messaging provides added support and greater convenience for business owners and employees who are often out of the office.