Knowing Your Customers

Business Advice

To become a valued answering service, you need to know your customers. In order to provide top quality answering services, you must maintain an open line of communication between you and your customer. Any details the customer provides about their needs and expectations can help you build trust and provide better service.

Communication between the answering service and customer is essential. The customer must supply the answering service with as much information as possible about the finer points of their business or practice. When assisting clients or patients, the answering service must provide accurate, up-to-date information. This includes establishment hours, business specialties, and emergency contact information.

Establish a relationship with your customers. Building a bond assures your customer that they are a priority, and can help your answering service feel comfortable and dependable. Above all, this can be achieved through accountability for both the customer and the callers.

As the middleman, the answering service takes responsibility for providing customers with accurate information. The answering service must direct callers in the right direction—one forgotten detail may result in a frustrated, misled customer. The answering service and customer must work together to efficiently take care of callers. Getting to know each other is the greatest step to achieving quality answering service and a strong relationship.