Maintain The Right Image: Live Answer Service Enhances Your Business

Live Answering Service

In this age of text messaging and social networking, people have lost a little bit of their humanity. This may be a bit of an exaggeration. However, we oftentimes take the personal touch for granted.

An old customer service tenet is that the customer is always right. Our customers are our most valuable resource. These relationships need to be maintained and nourished.

Consumers despise nothing more than a ponderous voice mail. They are the bane of any positive phone experience. Firstly, they are entirely menu-driven with up to ten main options and possibly dozens more sub-menus. The names for each menu can be confusing and inconsistent with that of other companies.

Second, companies constantly change the configuration of these menus. This results in increased frustration for the customer and serves to put him or her at odds with your company before the first real word is exchanged.

Third, these menu systems are impersonal and time-consuming for the customer. Average hold times can run in excess of 15 to 20 minutes in some markets.

People who manage phone operations have a term for when customers become frustrated with these to the point of ending the call. They call it the abandon rate. But really it is the company that has abandoned its customers by placing a formidable obstacle in their way.

That is where a live answer service comes in. An answering service for business could be your key to a happier customer and a more civil and expedient transaction between you and your clients. Where automated phone menus are devoid of humanity, an answering service for your business lets your stakeholders know you care.

When you establish a relationship with a live answering service, you will know that the operators taking your messages have your best interest at heart. This answering service for your business will become a linchpin in your after-hours operations or any time when you cannot personally answer the phone.

A live answer service is also a symbol of prosperity and prestige. This is a service associated with wealthy and successful individuals, though it has always been more affordable than many people think. When you establish an answering service for your business, you will reap the rewards of this elite designation as an individual or organization above your competitors and peers.

Many people believe that a live answer service is something not available anymore. It is easy to understand why folks might think such an answering service for business is not needed. The advent of voice mail systems within smartphones and with companies is so commonplace that few people think they are available. But imagine the customer experience of making that phone call and hearing a real human voice from a live answer service.

An answering service for your business just makes sense because people want to contact and attention from a real person with the ability to think, take concise and clear notes and then deliver messages to the subscriber of the answering service for business in a timely manner or on-demand. A live answer service can be an important element in a successful business strategy.

In short, an answering service for your business is a great idea because it combines the accuracy of professional operators with the personal attention and prestige of real live professionals instead of a difficult and frustrating voice mail system.